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Healthcare Cybersecurity Biweekly Newsletter - August 30, 2017

San Antonio's largest OB-GYN provider breached

The San Antonio Institute for Women’s Health, touted as San Antonio’s largest OB-GYN practice, was struck by keylogging malware, breaching both financial and personal health data. Officials said hackers spent one month on the servers and stole names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses, medical procedures, billing codes, scheduling notes and other data. While ransomware and phishing attacks are often seen as the most notorious and disruptive attack method on the healthcare sector, keylogging malware can often go undetected for long periods of time and are used to quietly obtain sensitive data by running underneath the operating system.


HIMSS Stresses Proactive Healthcare Cybersecurity Measures

The 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey showed that more organizations are prioritizing security, and that more providers are opting for a proactive healthcare cybersecurity approach, such as hiring CISOs. Healthcare providers, mainly those in the acute care space, are taking positive steps toward improving their cybersecurity program. Creating a more proactive approach in general is essential. The increase in penetration testing and building more thorough business continuity plans shows that healthcare is moving away from being reactionary. Regular risk assessments, updating business continuity plans, and implementing a cybersecurity framework are all key ways for providers to follow a proactive healthcare cybersecurity approach, according to HIMSS Director of Privacy and Security.


Back to school – Tips for students to prepare for cyber attacks on campus

As the end of August nears, thousands of students get ready to begin fall classes at their colleges and universities, many of whom will be stepping foot in a college classroom for the first time. Countless hours of preparation go into this moment- back to school shopping, online classes to get a head start, moving into a new dorm or apartment- but are students and doing enough to protect themselves from cyber threats that have proven to be abundant on college campuses? Many institutions of higher learning pride themselves on providing public places and forums for students and staff to share thoughts, ideas, and information. Unfortunately, hackers and data thieves can take advantage of this environment to infect computers and access personal and private information. Find out what measures new and returning students should take to be safer from cyber-attacks.


Lessons Learned from 2017 OCR HIPAA Enforcement Actions

So far 2017 is proving to be an active year for HIPAA enforcement. To date in 2017, nine actions have been settled and the average settlement amount continues to outpace 2016. Several themes have emerged from these enforcement actions that HIPAA-regulated entities should be mindful of to help reduce the risk of a HIPAA violation occurring and to reduce the potential resulting fine in the event of enforcement. Three Tips to Help Reduce the Risk of a HIPAA Violation:

  1. Conduct Risk Analyses Regularly.
  2. Implement a Risk Management Plan and Reasonable Safeguards.
  3. Report Breaches in Timely Manner.

Hospital cyber attack a matter of life and death

Hospitals are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks because they often use old machines and outdated software to perform such vital functions as monitoring patients and dispensing medications. Health care hardware devices such as MRI machines, ventilators and even some microscopes — actually are just computers. They are no different than desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices when it comes to being hacked. But because of the vital, lifesaving functions they perform and the expanded dependence on sophisticated “machines” that today are even performing surgery, they are often in use 24 hours a day. They often are not being taken offline for updating. And when expensive equipment grows old, it is often they are being used without the support of manufacturers. 

Whether it is a hospital or small business, find out what steps should be taken to protect itself from a cyberattack.


Five Steps to HIPAA Compliance

This is a must for all physicians and their staff to view. Outlined are 5 basic steps to HIPAA Compliance. All medical providers must also assess their HIPAA Compliance status annually by conducting a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment every year, review their policies and procedures annually and train their employees every year.

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