Skirmish games available now, plus figurines, and music like you've never heard.

Sountrack Funded!

16 days left in the campaign, and the goal has been smashed! Now is your chance to snag the entrancing CD, signed print of the fresh new album art, and more.  A fresh new stretch goals will unlock a full orchestra recording in Budapest!  

Skirmish Goes Public.

Public sales have just gone live for the first-edition deluxe boxed Skirmish games.   Supplies are limited- we're only opening up 30 copies for sale at present, first come first serve.

Exclusively Licensed Figurines

Vivid has licensed to produce a limited series of 3-D printed figurines- and first to emerge is Lilith.  Hit the link for your chance to own one, and watch for the next character.

We'll be at the Monroe Comic Con Saturday Sept. 15th for anyone who wants to stop by.  Meanwhile, enjoy weekly Prelude this month thanks to the Patreon backers, and Patreon backers, enjoy your Volume 5 updates.   We're also launching a Faction War roleplay this month- last chance to join in, and everyone is welcome to watch the game and consider joining the next story arc.  Thanks to everyone for keeping Dreamkeepers rolling!

Vivid Publishing

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Monroe, MI 48161