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Dear Friends,

Black Friday is coming and while everybody has a sneak pre-view, here at Pleasure Island you can get these fabulous deals all month long.

Start your Christmas shopping early!


While supplies last!


We received some great little pillow packs of lubricants from our suppliers to hand out.

One pillow pack of lubricant with every purchase.

While supplies last

Some  interesting facts about Black Friday:

- The Average Shopper Spends Almost $300

- Black Friday Might Not Be the Cheapest Day of the Year

 Eek! You’ll find plenty of bargains on Black Friday, but don’t automatically     assume everything is at its lowest price.The cheapest day of the year may  be later in the holiday shopping season.

- Millennials are the Biggest Black Friday Shoppers

 - Manufacturers Build Low-Quality Items Just for Black Friday

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