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Do we really have an environmental value? A look into the reality.

Dear followers,

This week we have prepared the 6th and last of our #StayHome newsletter about the environmental benefits of our solutions.

This one is the last of our special #StayHome bulletin series because we will gradually return to our office starting next week and continue our projects from where we have left off. And this week's topic is our environmental benefits because we think this pandemic gave us a very important lesson; we can all coexist by consuming less and/or smarter.


We have always mentioned that points can be earned in the process of obtaining LEED certification by using ABS disposable formworks. You can download our 'Scale of LEED Certificate Points' from this link. 100% of the raw material we use in our manufacturing process is recycled Polypropylene and PVC. In this way, we provide a direct environmental benefit by recycling these spent plastics that will otherwise stay buried in a landfill or be burned in factories.

However, we strongly believe that using disposable formworks has environmental benefits that go far beyond obtaining LEED points. We may not prove our hypothesis quantitatively, but we argue that we provide very serious benefits.


One of our most important benefits comes from being 95% empty inside even though we are mostly used for filling purposes. Only 5% of a 100 cm high disposable formwork system, namely the two legs per m2 and the volume formed by the dome form is full. No matter what alternative material is used instead of disposable formworks, the volume to be filled must be brought directly to the construction site and transported horizontally and vertically within the field.

For example; let us assume that 20 cm of concrete will be poured on top of an 80 cm high crushed stone filling in an area of ​​1.000 m2 (finished section is 100 cm high). This is an operation of 47 trucks with a truck that can carry either a maximum of 21 tons or 25 m3. In contrast to that, 1 truck of disposable formwork is enough for the same volume!

The fuel spent by the trucks, the tear and wear of the vehicles, the intensity of the operation in the field, the horizontal and/or vertical transportation works of the filling material inside the structure... When all of these are taken into consideration, nobody can argue about the environmental benefits of disposable formworks that come in terms of both energy and carbon emissions.

47 Trucks = 1 Truck


Another important point is that we provide less concrete consumption compared to alternative designs. As you know, cement production requires enormous energy and carbon dioxide emission is quite high during the production process. This BBC article from Lucy Rodgers dated December 17, 2018 reveals the seriousness of the situation. So there is a direct environmental benefit of reducing concrete consumption by using ABS disposable formworks. So, how do we save concrete? We explained this in detail in our first # 1-StayHome newsletter (link). Since the formworks' dome structure resting on arches enables the loads to be transferred to the pillars very efficiently, instead of a 20 cm slab, a thickness of 8 cm concrete plus the concrete that goes into the legs, a total of 10 cm concrete is usually sufficient for the same design requirements.

As we said, we are not only just recycling spent plastic back to the economy, we provide environmental benefits far beyond this by saving both logistics and concrete.

We hope you enjoyed our newsletter this week. We came to the end of our #StayHome series, but your curiosity and interest in our video presentations gave us many new ideas. Our next project is to turn our answers to all “frequently asked questions” into an archive of video presentations shot in a more professional environment. And, of course, we will continue to inform you about new job sites with our reference bulletins.

For all your questions or concerns, you can reach all of our information, specifications, field photos and videos on our website

You can review our bulletins before the links below.

We wish you a healthy day,

ABS Team

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