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OPINION: Guyanese Poor: Eating from an empty bowl – By Mosa Telford 

By Mosa Telford  November 28, 2020 – Stabroek News Columnist

In every nation, there are starving people. Whether the hunger is for sustenance, a fair share of the pie, knowledge or respect, that which sustains us is not equally distributed or guaranteed to all.

This week I heard the story of a woman who removed an empty bowl from her bag. She tried to hide that there was no food in the bowl and pretended to eat. When the person who saw her approached her with love, she confessed that she had nothing to eat. But she was at her place of employment. This was not an unemployed woman who many would not pity because she was too lazy to work. This was not a woman who chose to beg who many would rebuke and tell to seek employment. This is a woman who sought honest employment and yet was starving in this land of plenty. But her plight is the plight of many Guyanese. 

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Guyana might get a little money now from oil but massive debt waits – Melinda Janki.

International Lawyer, Melinda Janki.

  – says Int’l Lawyer Melinda Janki.

Dec 06, 2020 – Kaieteur News – Local politicians are constantly professing that Guyana will receive millions of dollars in revenue from the oil sector for years to come. While it is true that the country stands to get “a little money” now and in the near future, massive debt waits on the horizon says international lawyer and transparency advocate, Melinda Janki.

In an invited comment, Janki recalled that even now, the country owes ExxonMobil approximately US$900M in costs it claimed to have incurred offshore Guyana before it signed the highly criticized Stabroek Block deal.        

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CANADA: ‘It’s our duty’: How giving Canadians a basic income can improve health and reduce costs

a person holding a sign: This photograph was taken by Jessie Golem, for her series "Humans of Basic Income."Kamyar Razavi and Mike Le Couteur – 05 December 2020 – Global News.

One of the pillars of the federal government’s coronavirus response — the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, or CERB — is leading to calls for a permanent basic income support program in Canada..

Jessie Golem, a Hamilton, Ont., resident, is among those championing such an initiative. Golem was part of a pilot project in Ontario three years ago that provided income support to 4,000 low-income earners in several communities across the province. The pilot was only in place for a little over a year before it was abruptly cancelled by the government of Premier Doug Ford.          

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Update: The Writer’s Life Under the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown – By Rosaliene Bacchus

  By Rosaliene Bacchus – BLOG: Three Worlds One Vision –  ~ Guyana – Brazil – USA

Seven months have now passed since I first posted about life during the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time in May, more than 67,000 of our loved ones were taken from us. With our collaboration, this formidable foe continues to contaminate, maim, and kill. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as at December 5, 2020, a total of 277,825 Americans have lost their lives. Their grieving families are devastated.

Here in California, America’s most populous state, we now rank in top place with more than 1.2 million infected individuals. Over 19,400 people have died. A recent surge in new infections have heightened the threat. In just 24 hours last week, 18,591 people were infected.   

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