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Now in audio!

AHHH! I know I set y'all up for some waiting last week, but Audible has come through like crazy! For all their talk of 30+ days between final submission and approval, Savage Pride squeaked through in just over a week!

So, naturally, expect Savage Claim to take a couple months! ><

The incredible Sarah Puckett has signed on for this series. She absolutely nailed Hailey and Trent in her first audition, and I can't wait for everyone to hear her give life to this crazy pride.

iTunes link is coming soon, but isn't live yet.


In other news! The bonus scene for Dash and Colette is now available. You can find that (as well as other bonuses) on THIS BOOKFUNNEL PAGE. 

I hope you and yours are doing as well as possible!


Now on preorder!

New from friends!

Midnight Redemption: Vampire Romance Series for Adults (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles Book 6)

Obsession doesn't begin to cover it.

Soul mate. Eternal love. Even those words don't do her justice.

I crave her.

I need her.

And yet this damned prophecy looms over every stolen moment we’ve had together.

The entire supernatural world is coming at us like a comet, bent on destroying those we love.

Come heaven or hell, I'll protect her.

No matter what the cost.

No matter who I have to kill.

Even if I have to die to keep her safe.


Violca's Dragon (The Dragon Ruby Series Book 1)

Life has never been so dangerous. Good thing Violca’s about to meet her dragon.

Violca Grey raised her four younger siblings after her parents’ sudden death. She has no idea that the cops were wrong, it wasn’t an accident. Her life, and the lives of her siblings, are in danger. Whatever killed them, whatever’s chasing her and her family, isn’t even human.

Chase Reed knows there’s something special about Violca. He’s known since the first time he saw her picture. His dragon is drawn to her and Chase doesn’t know why. But he’s sworn to bring them before his Dragon King.

Violca’s only thought has to be protecting her family, but the growing bond she’s developing with Chase is endangering them instead. His dragon has chosen her, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. Nothing.

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