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The Latest & Greatest

If you've not heard of Brainpickings, take a look. It's one of the stand-out examples of a blog of our times.

And this from Maria, 13 Life-Learnings from 13 Years of Brain Pickings, is well worth more than just a cursory skim. 

Learnings that particularly stood out for me...

Allow yourself the uncomfortable luxury of changing your mind. We go around asserting these donned opinions and clinging to them as anchors to our own reality. It’s enormously disorienting to simply say, “I don’t know.” But it’s infinitely more rewarding to understand than to be right — even if that means changing your mind about a topic, an ideology, or, above all, yourself.

> Most of my own personal work over the past 3+ years has been about changing my mind about myself – about who I thought I was, elements of my personality I'd always just accepted as being 'me'. It's powerful to realise this is in my capacity to change, as it is in your capacity too.

Question your maps and models of the universe, both inner and outer, and continually test them against the raw input of reality. Our maps are still maps, approximating the landscape of truth from the territories of the knowable — incomplete representational models that always leave more to map, more to fathom...

> This is one of the first concepts I learned in NLP; that the map is not the territory, it's simply the model/map of the world how we each see it, which is very different from how it might actually be. Understanding this is key to changing our minds, changing our narratives, changing our lives.

Check out the other 11 learning: 13 Life-Learnings from 13 Years of Brain Pickings.

Websites That Work

While we build custom websites, we also build 'starter' websites – basic but effective websites for folk who need a more robust presence online than just a FB page or an Insta profile – for £250.

These are ideal if you're looking to showcase who you are/what you do online without needing to update it regularly, though it's also very simple to add a blog if you want to start blogging (also a great way to get started online). 

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This is what a recent client said about her website:

"When I commissioned Lea to make a website for me, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted or needed because I didn't feel entirely sure what I was able and willing to offer at that stage. Lea was really patient while I worked this out.

Lea REALLY knows her stuff. She knows her stuff technically for sure, (which, being utterly ignorant technically, I don't) and also she knows how it is to run a business, to be working through your offering and into your zone of genius, to be unsure of what to say and quite how to say it and she is great at being with us in that process.

Lea is also great in holding her boundaries and in this offers permission for us all do do the same.

I am delighted with my website. It expresses who I am and what I offer really well. The ongoing tech support allows me to get Lea's support to grow my business, my expression of my offering, my audience and my communications going forward." – L. Power

About Pages That Work

"Lea understands that About Pages need to come from your heart and soul. Her razor-sharp questions cut through my waffle and helped me tell her what I wanted to be known for online.

From those answers she crafted a wonderful about page that captured my voice and superpower. Thanks to Lea, my readers now have a clearer vision about me. Thanks to Lea, I now feel the real me is present online."

– A. Hunter

If you'd like a About Page that actually does something for your business, reply to this email directly and quote 'Great Things' to get a whopping 50% off a brand new about page for your website (valid if your project is booked today only).

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