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Salary Payment for EP Holder - Update 1 (Replies)


Hi HR practitioners,

We have a EP holder who earn his last salary till end November, the EP holder will hold his card till end of December without salary pay, would this cause any potential problems to the employer and employee? Appreciate someone could advise on this matter.

Thank you.




You will cancel the EP holder pass on his last day of employment, after which MOM will give one month social visit pass for the EP holder to remain in Singapore. So after his last day, there is no employment contract between employee and employer, and you are not responsible for his stay in Singapore.




If he is on no pay leave in Dec, it should be alright.




EP should be immediately cancelled upon last day of work. Understand from MOM before that the SDL still runs as long as the EP is not cancelled. My previous firm jacked up a whole lot of SDL payment, after investigation, realised it’s from all the EPs that were not cancelled by the previous HR staff. And when the EP is not cancelled, it puts the EP holder into staying longer in Singapore, counting towards the tax days that he’s here.




The employer-employee relationship is still there, talking about impact. If cancel his pass, I think he still got one month to stay around for EP level, right?




If the EP holder last day of service till 30 Nov 18, company will only pay him up till 30 Nov 18 and terminate his EP on 30 Nov, he will have to surrender his card but company able to print out a letter from MOM to let the employee stay in S'pore for a month. Subsequently after that, there is no more working relationship between employee and employer, why will the company still want to pay him salary.



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