He left his billionaire lifestyle behind to find solace in the mountains... the last thing he thought he'd find was love. Accidentally His is a mountain man romance that will warm your heart and your ereader!

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Accidentally His: A Mountain Man Romance

I found Jordan freezing on my mountain.
I warmed her up – the best way a man can…
Hey, it was the polite thing to do!
Now I’ll protect her from more than just the storm.

Being a billionaire makes you real cynical.
I left everything behind: My family, my so-called friends, my sins. 
Now it’s just me and my mountain – 
that’s how I like it.

I gave up trusting people.
Until I saw Jordan shivering in the snow.
The most beautiful woman on earth.
Young, inexperienced, and vulnerable.

I wasn’t planning on her hanging around.
But I can’t let some sweet innocent girl blunder into a storm.
Guess we’ll have to wait it out.
With Jordan heating up my cabin, I know how to pass the time…

Turns out she’s a girl with a past.
And I’m not the only wolf on this mountain.
But I’m the toughest.
I’m the strongest.

And I’ll protect my woman till the end!


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