What does it look like

to depict two people having a phone call conversation?

While working on my comic book I had to illustrate such a scene. There's a woman in a phone booth and a guy in a motel, sitting on the bed. It's the 1970s, so conventional telephones were used.

Here's the finished penciled page:

Talking to myself.

Employing the built-in camera on my laptop and one stock image I assembled in Photoshop what it would look like. I used my big ugly mug for the scenes:

I scooted the images to the bottom of each panel to allow for the word balloons. I tried to shape my mouth on the last syllable of the word balloon. For example, if the last word was 'you,' I'd shape my mouth like I was saying 'you' before the shutter clicked on the camera.

I miss phone booths -just in terms of story telling. So powerful a setting. Now days, you just whip out the cellphone. Often times there isn't even any talking, just text messaging. Ah well, the old days...

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