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June 2020

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ReitBZ Token

In preparation for the launch of BTG Pactual's ReitBZ token on Tezos, we reviewed the ReitBZ Security Token and Token Management Dashboard.

Centrifuge Chain

A Parity Substrate based purpose-specific chain, which is a Proof of Stake chain with block rewards, bridged to Ethereum as its first external network.


TezosKit is a Swift based toolbox for interacting 

with the Tezos Blockchain.

Want to talk about the security of your blockchain or distributed system project?

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COVID-19 Proximity Tracing

Like many other countries, Germany has released a mobile app to help reduce the spread of the Corona virus by identifying likely exposure as soon as possible. Known as "Corona Warn App," it gives anyone with a mobile device the option to be notified if they have been in close physical proximity with someone who later tests positive for COVID-19.

“Do I have to use the app?”
“Is the data really anonymized?”
We teamed up with EFF to answer common questions about the security and privacy of this particular proximity-tracing app.

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Matching Round 6 on Gitcoin!

We launched a grant on Gitcoin to write a comprehensive how-to guide on building zk-SNARKs. 

It’s our goal with this project to bring zk-SNARKs to a wider developer audience in order to have it better utilized in projects. Team members noticed that the absence of such a resource creates a barrier to entry in the space that could be easily remedied with the availability of this documentation with examples.

Help us reach our goal by donating a few DAI during this current matching round. All donations will be matched from now until July 3rd!

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Paper Club: What We're Reading

Scalable Bloom Filters
(P. Almeida, C. Baquero, N. Preguiça, D. Hutchinson)

This month, we are learning more about this storage-efficient iteration of bloom filters which — as an example — could potentially be a viable improvement for verifying the legitimacy of ZKAPs. Our team’s conversation will explore its potential, and also consider the related trade-off of an increase in false positives.

Similar to a book club, our "Paper Club" is a periodic meeting where we discuss a paper as a team.

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