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September 2020

The Cycle

Today, I'm reminded of the seasons of life.

Since we last talked...

I finished my book, "Lonely Eyes".

~ Amazing

I started my edits. 

~ Ordinary, Mundane & Very Messy

I lost all my edits in a computer glitch. 


My first grandson was born. The most perfect beautiful boy. 


Two births (of sorts), in one month. I had a dream life before, but now it is perfectly amazing.

While I'm enjoying one baby, I hope you enjoy the other.

Welcome "Lonely Eyes" and Grandson to the world.

Be well,


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There is an art to pursuit.

Owen spoke into the darkness. “My word, my promises, mean everything to me. But you don’t know that. Yet. But I’m telling you so you understand. I can protect you.”

He cleared the lump in his throat. “While I was at war, my sister was abducted and murdered. I would never hurt an innocent person.”

“What about a person who wasn’t innocent?” Keira whispered.

But she's come to the right place.  

He's the monster hunter. 

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Also by Bernadette Jones

Doctor Gage Ewing
can't risk having a relationship.

Operative IrishMist Vaughn

has learned to only depend on herself.

A one-night hook-up brings two people together, each with a dangerous history.  Can they keep each other alive when their pasts come for revenge?

The only thing a healer and an assassin have in common is death.

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Hunter Lawe

is an undercover cop living with mistakes and regret.

Ruby Leigh Dupree

is a woman running from a past she can’t remember. 

Ruby holds the key to his redemption. 

But is Hunter her savior or the instrument of her death?

On Sale Now!

And Free in Kindle Unlimited, 

for a limited time.

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Other News

in the Aspen Gold Series

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Availible Now 

in the Aspen Gold Series

This woman. Wearing frosting. And nothing else…

Cookie Lamont owns a successful cupcake shop in Spencer’s trendy tourist center. Life would be perfect if not for the escalating unwanted attention from a self-important town trustee. She has everything she needs—and a man is the last thing on her mind.

Until he walks into her shop.

Treehouse builder and TV personality Anthony Burnham returns to Spencer and finds focus building cabins for a new camp. His passion for treehouses is rekindled as a sweet, sexy new love blooms.

But the past haunts his steps and threatens his growing relationship with the alluring baker.

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Coming October 6

in the Aspen Gold Series

Her story is ripped from the headlines.

“I’m Sheriff Cavanaugh. Joe. I was on my way home and noticed the lights down here. I’m not suggesting you have to leave, but the storm is picking up out there.”

“There’s a storm? I didn’t realize…I didn’t even know how late it was.” She shook her head. “I should be going.”

“Well, it was nice to meet you, Laurel. Spencer is a safe place, but if you’d like me to walk you to your car, I’d be—”

An ear-splitting crack and a bright flash of light cut him off. A loud hum sounded, followed by the creak of hinges and a solid snick as the door closed.

“Well, hell,” the sheriff said into the pitch black. “We’re locked in.”

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Other Shout Outs
Coming in November from a New Author

"At Last" by Mindy McKinley

“Oh, you want to sleep over?” she asked coyly as he backed her up against the hallway wall.

He slid a hand up her neck, making her drop her keys. “I didn’t mention sleep,” he said gruffly. “But you’ll probably need a good nap tomorrow.”

“Promise?” she squeaked.

“I solemnly swear,” he breathed, “to wear”—he kissed her ear—“you”—he slid his mouth to her neck—“out.”

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M. Merin

I knew Jenna was in over her head when she came to me looking for work.

Then she made the deadly mistake of stealing ten large from my chapter of the Royal Bastards and running.

I covered it.

It was me she was going to repay every dime of that money to.
Just as soon as I found her.

The Royal Bastards MC universe has Chapters across the United States, this is book 2 of the Flagstaff Chapter.

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