Meet Marcello Toscano - Italian TACFIT Field Instructor

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Our instructor highlight feature for April takes us to the beautiful country of Italy. Home to the European headquarters for TACFIT, the Italian Legion is arguably one of the most developed and has been setting the standard for many years on how TACFIT is applied, learned, and shared with others across the world. With scores of instructors spread throughout the marvelous boot shaped country, dozens of TACFIT gyms in all major cities, the momentum continues to build, and the future looks brighter than ever for our beloved TACFIT System. Such positive growth and organizational development can only be attributed to the exemplary leadership across all levels. From Coach Gallazzi, our European director, to our Team Leaders in Italy and abroad, and of course the Field Instructors who spend every day exposing the truth that: Only Better is Better! Today we share the story of Marcello Toscano, one such Field Instructor from Italy.

RMAX: How did you get introduced to TACFIT?

MT: I had a look to a video of Alberto Gallazzi and I was very impressed by his movements, they were smooth and powerful. It was like nothing I have ever seen. I started following him and attended a workshop as soon as I had the chance. After attending, I knew without a doubt this training system and organization was the future for me.

RMAX: What attracted you to TACFIT? Why did you want to become an instructor?

MT: Training with the TACFIT system predisposes the body to improve daily athletic activities, with an abundant collection of exercises that integrate strength, muscular endurance, balance and coordination skills.

I wanted to become a field instructor because I saw in this system how to strengthen not just my own physical background but more importantly to improve the life of my clients. Not just the athletic ones, but it could help people from all walks of life. As such, I opened a training center in Ravenna city called “Ludus Ravenna” (at the time it was one of the first dedicated TACFIT center in Italy.)

RMAX: What do you feel are some of the biggest benefits TACFIT has provided, both in your life and in your “clients”, team, those you train or train with?

MT: The benefits have been so extensive it would be hard to list in just one interview. I want to say that when I started training with TACFIT I was still an athlete of Greco Roman Fighting and in about 3 months, me and my training partners, we had an unbelievable improvement in our performances. It was like nothing we had experienced before from any other preparation.

More concentration, strength, agility, flexibility and with proper breathing a faster recovery. Faster recovery meant we were better prepared than our opponents. That experience, that initial improvement between myself and my training partners was just the first taste. Since then I have watched hundreds of students implement the TACFIT system from combat sports and Olympic athletes, to first responders and the casual fitness enthusiast, this system will promote optimal daily performance for everyone.

RMAX: What piece of advice would you offer to someone who may think TACFIT is not for them.

MT: Try this! No other system (outside of CST) is structured as TACFIT in three sessions:

1-  Mobility: focused on the mobility and flexibility to prepare for the next step. The primer for your workout.

2-  Exercises: various programs based on the different levels, intelligently designed progressions and regressions so everyone can approach TACFIT regardless of current ability or previous experience.

3-   Compensation: to ease the tensions and restore the correct psychophysical balance after your workout. This is the icing on the cake.

Pain-Free, Peak Performance, as simple as 1, 2, 3.

RMAX: How has training with TACFIT enhanced your own experience as both an athlete and a coach?

MT: TACFIT has allowed me to grow and improve on the physical and mental level. Day by day made me and each of my clients more aware of their potential coming to enjoy their limits to challange them and overcome them. TACFIT has allowed myself, my clients, and my team live life to the fullest! Thank you TACFIT!

Marcello Toscano

Ludus Ravenna


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