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Safety Management System and Supplier Assessment Process. Fantastic opportunity - Please forward to any DMC's you work with.

Destination Safety Self Assessments

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, safety remains front of mind for every consumer across the planet when travelling. (WTTC data confirms this).

As vaccination programmes take effect and travel slowly and hopefully irreversibly opens up, this is the perfect time for Destination Management Companies to take control of assessing their suppliers for safety and providing the information to their client tour operators or travel agents as required.

By taking control and carrying out this work on behalf of your clients, you will make yourself more attractive to operators and agents. It's also an added element of quality, showing you take safety seriously and put this at the front and centre with your sub-contracted suppliers.

tranquilco offer an amazing opportunity to any DMC - as we have almost 10,000 suppliers globally safety assessed already - covering everything from accommodation, transport, aviation, marine, Covid19 and high risk activity suppliers. (Animal interaction to Zip line)

DMC's can buy access to this data, so you can provide your clients with grades and results as required - either by country or region or even globally for those who operate in many regions of the world.

Extremely cost effective,  professional safety self assessments, your due diligence fulfilled and it adds to your mark of quality as a DMC. Providing a real point of difference between you and other DMCs who don't have safety at the forefront of their supplier contracts. Gain a marketing advantage over your competitors now!!!

It also helps you to avoid having to complete multiple assessments, as many operators will accept a completed tranquilico assessment as proof of due diligence. (see our comprehensive client list at

Completely outsourced so very little effort required on your part - other than contact details for any new suppliers you want assessed.

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We can also assist you with the following:


Safety Management System

This is a document that details your approach to safety and the steps you take to minimise any risk to your clients customers. It should include a policy and any safety procedures, assessments, grades and action you take with suppliers.

Having a live working safety management system can help a tour operator or travel agent to reject or defend any claims against them, if you can demonstrate you have active safety policies and procedures in place.

Risk Assessment is alive and well in the travel industry and it is a DMC's responsibility to ensure they contract with suppliers who have safety front of mind. The ability to show this with documentary evidence is also key to legal due diligence.

You cannot simply say - they are licensed to operate and therefore they are 'safe'. Contracting on price and quality alone is no longer acceptable to tour operators, they also want to know you are contracting with reputable suppliers who have safety front of mind and you have 'documentary' evidence to support this

We can help you pull one together if you don't have something in place already.

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Crisis Management Plan

Tour Operators and Travel Agents who rely on DMC's to look after their customers in resort achieve great comfort when they know you have a crisis management plan in place. This details the policies, procedures and personnel you would activate in the event of a serious incident.

This can be linked to your Safety Management System, which is about preventing crises in the first instance.

First Class customer care is a given in any crisis, operational management is 50%, whilst dealing with the media is the other 50%. You need to prepare and train for both so you can assist your clients as much as possible.

We can help you develop an appropriate crisis management plan along with workshops and simulation training to embed it into your staff.

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We provide safety data on thousands of suppliers overseas to our clients who are well known Tour Operators and Travel Agents. As a DMC you can also put yourself through an assessment and be added to the data with your grade showing your safety status, this can help you gain customers and also show your commitment to safety:

GREEN - MEETING GOOD PRACTICE - If you have a full safety management system in place, plus a crisis management plan and you risk assess your suppliers using documented procedures (all your accommodation, transport and high risk activity suppliers).

YELLOW - ACCEPTABLE BUT ACTION TO TAKE TO BE GREEN - If you have a safety management system and crisis management plan but simply pass on the assessment requests from your tour operator or travel agent clients to your suppliers. So not actively risk assessing yourselves.

RED - BELOW ACCEPTABLE GOOD PRACTICE - If you have nothing documented in place, no SMS, no CM plan and don't risk assess your suppliers.

To put yourself through our assessment process, get in touch, it's only a small charge.

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