Guyanese Online: NEWS ARTICLES: Jan 28 - Feb 02, 2020

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News and Feature Items:  Jan 28 - Feb 02, 2020 


GUYANA: ELECTIONS 2020 – Final voters’ list is now online

GECOM: “Bloated” final voters list of 661,928 ready – elections commissioner

Guyana Bauxite Mining: Rusal tells GRA auditors: “leave or we leave”

Guyana: The Berbice River shall remain blocked until Russian eye-pass by RUSAL ceases – Lincoln Lewis

Guyana: Revamping Exxon deal: the company couldn’t at this time, even if it wanted to… – By GHK Lall

Guyana: GTT pays money to Court Registry for shares sold to Chinese company

Guyana: Immigration, gun licence, vehicle fitness, should be outsourced – President Granger proposes


Guyana: Digicel blames govt for “dark ages” telecoms sector, as GTT celebrates 29 years

Guyana: Employment: Where are the people for the jobs? – By Adam Harris

New York: Janitor changes tune- admits to smuggling 34 songbirds from Guyana

Guyana : Former SWAT Head – Motie Dookie – dismissed from force over whisky find+ video

Guyana: Gold Mining: Troy Resources restarts operations

Guyana Tourism Authority Feature – Mapari Wilderness Camp


U.S. — Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate is just a charade – By MOHAMED HAMALUDIN

BREXIT: European Union MEPs ratify UK withdrawal agreement from EU

Brexit : Britain’s regulatory-divergence dilemma in leaving the European Union

Major quake shakes Miami and the Caribbean, tsunami threat passes

SPORTS: Kobe’s death reminds us once again  of our Earthly transience – By Yvonne Sam + Video

New York: Why Manhattan’s Skyscrapers Are Empty – commentary


CUISINE: From Pakistan to the Caribbean: Curry’s journey around the world – CNN

HEALTH: Scientists say that Lungs ‘magically’ heal damage from smoking – BBC News

‘Tradwives’: the new trend – housewife with a social media spin – commentary

FILM: HEALTH: Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe – Vaccination and autism

VIDEO: New Years’ Resolutions explained by a four-year-old girl – Amazing!


      GUYANA and CARIBBEAN RECIPES – New Listings now available


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