Hey, Hotties,

I'm not sure where the year went, but as I look up from my laptop, the leaves are turning. Hubba-wha? Tonight we move the clocks. When did that happen? 

Today I'm hosting my granddaughter's 3rd birthday party. Happy Birthday, Willow!! I'm buzzing around trying to clean and get ready for my crazy family. Last week I had the privilege of taking her out for Halloween.

But I wanted to say hello, keep you in the loop, and let you know that I'm busy writing Lark's book 2, Jesse's book 4, and my Urban Fantasy books. 

I hope you had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to a great autumn season. 


Fall-Themed Shifter Paranormal Romance Collection

She wants me to take her virginity.
But she doesn't know what will happen once I do.

I meet Tabitha at a Halloween party in the woods.
She's just had a birthday and she still has her v-card.
Although she wants me to get rid of it for her.
I can't help but run my hands over her curves.
But then she begs me to go further.
I want to, of course, yet something stops me.
It's the fact that I'm not only human, but also a shifter.
And I have a feeling the same is true about her.
But she doesn't know it and this could change everything.
The wolf in me wants me to keep going.
But the man in me tells me to walk away.

I know I should leave her alone.
And yet I'm falling for her as hard as she's falling for me.

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Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance

Just my luck. I’m stuck in close quarters with a yummy dragon prince.

I’ve had visions of him in my dreams, thinking I’m entering a plus-sized midlife crisis.

But now that he’s here and has invited himself to stay in my house, I really need to call my therapist.
Because he says that I’m a dragon shifter too.

Werewolf Paranormal Romance

After the death of her beloved husband Robert, Calla Lowell feels her childhood home calling to her in her time of grief and desperation. Packing up her life, she goes back to the small provincial town of Gillytree with her children in tow to make her parents’ old house her home again. However, when she comes across Arby, a childhood friend of whom she only has the faintest of recollections, things become even more confusing – especially when she realizes that the normalcy of her life is a lie and that magic and mayhem lurk in every corner.

JL Madore

Whitby, Ontario