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Talkin' QML 2 the brightest in the biz @ SX & more!

...starting a 3-minute timer starting... now!😜 In the past few months, I've had some awesome opportunities to speak at conferences like Evoke and SXSW where I talked about what the future looks like with the unique ability of quantum computation! I've had some super cool learning experiences and I'm really grateful to everyone who had a part in making them possible, especially Todd Hansen and Patrick Kasebzarif: a huge thank you for giving up your time to help me grow.

My talk from SXSW is up. Check it out here!

Visiting IBM's Quantum Research HQ in NY!

Yes, it's exactly what it looks like: an LED chandelier designed to look like a quantum computer 😍 IBM's Qiskit team - the ones building libraries to work with their quantum systems - hosted its first ever Q Camp, inviting 135 developers, physicists, educators, researchers, and students from 19 countries, 48 universities, 9 research institutions, and 5 quantum startups around the world. I'm super grateful to the Qiskit team for putting together such an awesome experience (especially Suzie Kirschner!), and I also want to shoutout my team: Tomas, Steffen, Arthur, Eric, and Abhi are some super smart dudes, and I'm really grateful that they let me help build a semi-continuous photonic quantum simulator on IBM's discretized system! (nerd speak for cool quantum stuff 😉)

Winning $100,000 to study at UofT!

You're still reading?! Phew. Well, last week, I was extremely honoured to be selected as one of the four recipients of Seymour Schulich's $100k scholarship for entrepreneurship and STEM leadership. The award was designed to give recipients the freedom to devote their full attention to their work so that they could work on making high-impact contributions to society, so I'm really excited to accept the offer and pursue my engineering degree in machine intelligence next year.

What's next: Joining the Toronto Tribe!

I've started an internship at TribalScale working with their marketing and product teams to put together a few reports, but they're top secret, so don't tell anyone! 🤫 Just kidding. Kind of.

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