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BIG Book Announcement!

Starting from Monday 9th September I will be releasing one book per week into October and November! And, as you're on my mailing list, you'll be able to get your hands on the books while they're at an introductory low price. Watch out for my weekly emails every Monday and you'll receive all the latest book news!

Release Date 9th September

The first book to be released is my first ever collaboration on a psychological thriller. I've teamed up with Adam Nicholls to write Now You See Her, a non-stop thriller based in the USA. Watch out for my email on Monday 9th September to grab this book first at a special low price.

Free Books!

I've teamed up with a whole host of authors for a host of thriller giveaways this month.

If you'd like to load up with some new books - and snag some collector's editions of a couple of my stories - dive in and help yourself:

StoryOrigin Giveaway HERE

BookFunnel Giveaway HERE

Prolific Works Giveaway HERE

Dates for your diary ...
Release date: 16th Sept

This is a re-edited copy of the original release. Not only has it had a re-edit, but I've also added a fantastic new cover and some author notes about the story. Monday 16th September is a great opportunity to lay your hands on this story if you haven't read it before.

Release date: 23rd Sept

This is another re-vamped title, but this story has had a re-edit, a name change and it got a fabulous new cover. This story was originally titled One Fatal Error and, just like Dead of Night, it's an action-packed ride of a thriller set in a unique and isolated location.

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