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Happy summer, Northern Hemisphere! I’ve just been supervised grilling my lunch by a massive monarch butterfly. I love this time of year! However, I confess to being baffled by the term “beach reads.” I get that it means something fluffy and entertaining you could read on a lounger poolside or beachside. But I personally get overstimulated in such places and would much rather be in the water.

Still, if you’re in the mood for some beach reads, you might find yourself a new-to-you author or series in the Summer Loving Giveaway. You can score Quill Me Now there (which you probably already have) and there’s many more MM freebies to choose from.

Plus, I’ve got another cool offer for you. Every now and then as I work, I come up for air and realize I’m practically drowning in sticky notes. When I plot my stories, I do a combo of journaling, flowcharts and post it generation. In the past, I’ve offered readers a chance to own as keepsakes the actual post its that went into the creation of books they’ve enjoyed reading, and they seem to dig it. So I’m offering you the opportunity to win some real live JCP Post-its! Fill out this little form and I’ll pick some winners at random. 

What's New?

I’ve revamped my 2010 story Sleepwalker with new cover art and a fresh edit. I updated the existing products at Amazon and BN rather than listing it as a new title, so readers who already own the story don’t need to pay for it again and can just update their ebooks.


There’s a killer in the museum. With a faulty memory and no alibi, Web just hopes he’s not the murderer.

Daniel Weber (Web, to his friends) was on the fast track to success when his life was derailed by memory loss. A year ago, he was a grad student with a bright future. Now he’s the night watchman at a failing museum on the brink of shutting down.

Good thing he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

In a last-ditch effort to stay open, the museum hires an expert taxidermist from Iowa to clean up their collection. What they get instead is his son, Jesse Ray Jones. Young. Sharp. And way too normal to be into something as weird as taxidermy.

Jesse looks like a skatepunk and talks like a science major, which pushes Web’s every last hot-button. It’s lust at first sight…but hooking up proves difficult when someone is found bludgeoned to death in the petroglyph alcove.

Web relies on his trusty pocket notebook to remind him of things he can’t afford to forget. But for the time of the murder, it offers up nothing to exonerate his new love interest…or, for that matter, him.

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Murder House Audiobook

What readers are saying:

"I can’t believe this is book 10 in this wonderful series. I love the evolution of Vic and how much he has come into himself and his relationship with Jacob. As always the narration by Gomez Pugh is stellar and I enjoy listening to this series again and again." -Mandy R.

Murder House on Audible

What's Coming?

The fourth ABCs of Spellcraft book is in production and should be ready to roll before we have to pack up our grills and put away our sunscreen.

I’ve been thinking about releasing the series in audio, however as you may already know, audio is pricy to produce and there’s a chance that if I go this route, I could end up in the hole. One of the things I’m taking into consideration in making my decision is the series’ reviews.

Right now there are just a handful of organic good reviews on Spellcraft 2 and 3 (organic, meaning reviews other than ones from folks I’ve provided with a review copy) and so it’s difficult for me to gauge readers’ interest. If you’re digging the series, your enthusiastic Amazon review might be the one that helps me make up my mind.

*To preserve my sanity, I avoid reading my Goodreads reviews. But I definitely appreciate it when you take your time to post there. :-)

If you're a Spellcraft fan and you're inspired to leave an Amazon review, you can click on the links below.

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