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2019 Issue #2
Excited To Have You Along For The Ride

     A little over a month ago I published Lasso. I have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on Vultures. But, the coolest thing I've experienced, is seeing readers enjoy my book.

     I want to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect from me soon. 2019 is the year of Deep Space Mining. Throughout the year I will release books 2 - 5 to complete the series. Next month I will release the cover of Book 3 along with its title.

     Either at the end of 2019, or early 2020, I will release a Science Fiction/Fantasy story. I'm early in the world building phase for that story, nothing to reveal besides to let you know you can expect more from me after Deep Space Mining.

    If you are enjoying the world of DSM, and would like to hear more about it, I can tell you there is more coming. Once this five book series finishes there is more, I would like to do with the characters, locations, and technology you will learn about through the stories. If there is something specific, you would like me to expand on, let me know.

Deep Space Mining Series Book 1
Lasso - Available Now!

A suspicious accident, a prized asteroid, and a game of politics to decide who rules the galaxy. Someone’s making a power play, but who?

Deep Space Mining Series Book 2
Vultures - 3/12/2019

When games of politics put the lives of deep space miners in danger, a coalition of captains organizes a resistance.

    Thank you to everyone that has supported me by either purchasing an ebook or paperback copy of my story, or has read it with KindleUnlimited. I truly appreciate the support and hope you have enjoyed the story.

     If you have enjoyed the story, please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon so I can hear all about it, and other readers can know what you thought.

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On My Book Shelf
New Release!
Blood Tyrant

Tensions are at a peak as Raya, Christopher, and the members of the Sarian colony prepare for a war. Headquarters becomes barricaded, other colonies from across the globe join their ranks, and a foe they thought dead rises to pose the biggest threat yet. The Sirens and Halflings will have to put differences aside to work together and survive.

And in the middle of all of this is an heirdom ceremony none of them expected. Raya will officially take her place at her father's side. But what's the point of becoming an heir to a throne that might not exist tomorrow?

Author Samantha Coville brings sirens to life in her Secret of the Halflings series of three books.

The series includes:
Book 1: Blood Oath
Book 2: Blood Island
Book 3: Blood Tyrant

To wrap up this newsletter, I would like to thank everyone that reads this. I hope you find my newsletters informative and not intrusive. Share this with anyone you know that enjoys reading. Your word-of-mouth endorsement would mean a lot. Thank you, and Happy Reading!

Mike Coville

3050 Dyer Blvd Ste #261
Kissimmee, Florida, United States

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