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I'll be at the Texas Book Festival tomorrow, in the pavilion outside, signing and selling books from 12:30-2:30pm. And after weeks of rain, we might actually get lucky and have some sun for the occasion!

The festival takes place downtown near the capitol building and is free to attend. If you're in Austin, I'd love to see you there!


BOOK OF THE WEEK: Lazarus Protocol

Four lives collide as Earth stands on the brink of mass extinction…

Mother Nature is mad as hell. Monster hurricanes … freak sandstorms … roasting wildfires. Species disappear every day. Is humanity next?

Though some believe our future lies among the stars, the American President funds the Lazarus Protocol—a last-ditch attempt to reverse Earth’s climate crisis through geoengineering. But the New Earth Order—a mysterious league of reactionary activists with sleeper agents around the world—pursues another outcome: the subjugation of mankind to nature itself.

A brilliant billionaire who wants to save the world. A lunar engineer called home to bury her father. A disgraced veteran haunted by yesterday’s mistakes. A US Army colonel, desperate to save as many people as possible.

Four lives. One planet. And one last chance to save it…

Check out Lazarus Protocol.

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