CSIRO’s iconic Parkes radio telescope given Indigenous name

[supplied by CSIRO]

To mark the start of NAIDOC week, CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope has been honoured with a traditional name chosen by Wiradjuri Elders and revealed at a local naming ceremony.

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Queensland celebrates NAIDOC 2020 differently

[supplied by DATSIP]

During NAIDOC Week 2020 (8-15 November), Queensland communities will come alive with lights, storytelling, community events and more to celebrate the world’s two oldest living cultures.

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You can hear 50 everyday words spoken in Indigenous languages from across Australia

[Stephanie Corsetti and Rae Johnston, SBS]

A University of Melbourne project mapping different Indigenous languages throughout Australia has been revamped as part of this month's NAIDOC Week.

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Leaked NT Government report reveals funding inequality at Aboriginal homelands schools

[Felicity James, ABC]

Photos in the report reveal the poor state of some homelands learning centre buildings and teacher accommodation in 2019 — visiting teachers living in tents and students learning in rusted-out buildings.

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