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Insightful Letter 15
September 24, 2020
Are you suffering from the upper limit problem?

Hi ,

I hope you are fine and doing well.

I have a very important idea to discuss with you today.

When I was reading about it my mind was wandering about how true and relevant it is.

I am sure you can correlate with it too.

 The Idea      

Have you experienced an incident where a good thing happened to you and then all of a sudden you heard some bad news?

It's so common right.

People used to say don't laugh too much or you will cry soon. 

Don't express happiness else you will be sad soon.

And this becomes our belief.

But what if I tell you, this is not true and if this has happened to you, then you are the culprit.

I know it sounds bizarre but a lot of things happen to you is because of you not because of external circumstances.

Gay Hendricks is a renowned psychologist and a bestselling author. 

In his book 'The Big Leap'  he  discusses the idea of 'upper limit problem'

What is the 'upper limit problem'?

The upper limit problem is how we sabotage ourselves when we get some success (small or big) in life.

I know this sounds like a crazy idea. 

Why would anyone sabotage his/her own success and happiness? 

It's because part of ourselves fears being truly happy and fulfilled.

When you get close to any kind of success, close to somethings you desire for a long time, you start feeling negative, you start doubting yourself.

Because a part of you can't tolerate exceeding your previous level of success.

What if I tell you that you are going to be a successful, wealthy, and a loving person.

Would you believe that?

Perhaps you will doubt yourself. Because you feel you don't deserve this much recognition.

This is what upper limit problem is.

You have already set a boundary in your mind about how much can you grow in life. 

You will doubt yourself for anything above that boundary.

The fact is you have to accept yourself before the world accepts you.

To be honest, almost everybody suffers from the 'upper limit problem', even the most successful people on earth.

And there could be many reasons for that. Childhood conditioning, toxic environment, feeling success as a burden, etc.

But to grow in life, to become truly happy and fulfilled you have to fight with your upper limit problems.

Believe it or not not but all the limits of how happy you can be in life, how much money can you earn, or how much love you will get in life, are imposed by yourself.

Break those limits and you might experience a more fulfilled life.

As Gay Hendricks say-

"The only relevant question is whether you will let it be possible for you"

What you think?

You can let me know by replying to this e-mail.



Book/article recommendation


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

I read this book just this week. The ideas presented in this book are excellent and very relevant as I discussed the upper limit problem above. You can read in detail about self-sabotage and fear and what can we do to conquer them.

I liked this book and I think you should give it a read.

One video suggestion

Do you want to improve your critical thinking?

Watch this 5-minute video by Ted-Ed.

One quote

"We keep ourselves so tied up in regretting the past and fearing the future that we don't have any energy left to figure out who we are and what we want to create right now. "


                                                                                  -Gay Hendricks


Have you heard the line 'listen to your gut'

I am sure you have.

But very few people know about the actual gut in our body and its importance.

Two years back I wrote a detailed article on the gut and it functions in our body. 

You can read below.

April 8 , 2018
Listen to your gut and keep it healthy

Read the full article

If you have anything to say or ask, just reply to this mail. I will respond.

Until next week,


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