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Table tennis at home

Like many of you around the world, I am stuck at home because of the coronavirus outbreak. All the clubs and sport centres are closed. There is no coaching. No table tennis.

To try and stay active (and sane!), I am making a series of short, light-hearted videos about how you can play table tennis at home. 

I will publish these videos to my YouTube channel and also keep adding to this blog post on my website. The first two videos are listed below...

If you are in the UK, and need table tennis equipment for your home, take a look at this list of products on the Bribar Table Tennis website.

Stay healthy and safe and look after each other.


Episode 1
Bat and balls skills

In this first episode, I try out some bat and ball skills, whilst doing different household tasks.

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Episode 2
Leg work-out

In episode 2, the focus is on doing a leg work-out. I share 10 different leg exercises you can do in your home. 

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