What is your why for running? What motivates you to lace up and run? Let's talk motivation!

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February 24, 2019 Newsletter

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation

Motivation can be the secret ingredient in your training, but it can also derail your training completely. We talk a lot about types of runs, training plans, fueling and strength training, however motivation is just as important when it comes to training. So let's talk about motivation and how it can help, hinder and influence your training.

Motivation is not something you can buy at a store like running gear or fuels. Motivation needs to come from you. You need to want it. You can have fancy running gear, technology and coaches but without motivation chances are your training will fall flat. There are two types of motivation extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is fueled from others or events. Maybe you watched the Olympics or the Boston marathon and decided you wanted to run a marathon. This would be an example of you being extrinsically motivation. Maybe you decided you wanted to become healthier and run a marathon to prove to yourself that you can do it. This would be intrinsic motivation.

So is one type of motivation better than the other? Of course not. Each of us are different and where we get our motivation from is as unique as we are. If you feed off other people and are motivated extrinsically there's a lot of things you can do if you're short on motivation. In fact you could probably get all the motivation you need from scrolling through twitter.  Intrinsic motivation might be harder to tap into because you need to know your why but I believe it to be a very powerful form of motivation. When you're doing something because you really want it and it's important to you you're going to make sure you're successful.

There are some important things to remember when we are talking about motivation. 

1) Make sure your goals are realistic. All the motivation in the world can't help if your goals are realistic.

2) Don't compare yourself to others. When you get motivation from external people/events it can be very easy to compare yourself to others. Use other people's success to feed your motivation but not your self worth.   

3) Know your why. Why are you doing this? Why do you lace up? When times get tough coming back to your why can reset your training.

4) Make sure your goal is important to you. Is this a race you want to run? Does this line up with what you want to accomplish.

There's a saying "When you lose faith in humanity go watch a marathon." Feed off others successes to fuel your motivation but at the end of the day make sure you want it.

Is It Okay to Skip a Run?

Some days we look at our training schedule and just cringe. We don't know how we could possibly complete it. We have no motivation to run or workout. I remember back almost a decade ago when I started running and working out. I would wake up in the morning soo sore I questioned what path I was on. How was I going to continue running and working out? My body needed some rest to keep going.

It's okay if you need to skip a run or a workout. I know that's not the advice every coach would give you. I think you need to look at your life and training plan holistically. Is this run or workout going to help move you towards your goals or is it going to be a junk workout. Now it's important you ask yourself why you don't want to do this workout. Sometimes the workouts we don't want to complete are the very workouts we need to refresh and recharge ourselves. However sometimes when we don't have the motivation for a workout it's because we shouldn't be doing it. Something else is going on. We didn't get enough sleep or we are worn down, sick or close to injury.

Bottom line ask yourself why you don't want to run or workout. If the run isn't going to add value to your life, skip your workout and don't feel guilty about it. You have lots of days to run provided you take care of yourself and your body.

What's Your Why?

What is your why? Why are you on this path? Why is this important to you? I asked on twitter this week about your why. Why you run. Why you workout and why it's important. There were a lot of really great varying answers. One of my favourite whys are parents who run and workout because their children are watching, We want to be good role models and share not only our passion for running but our healthy lifestyle with our loved ones, especially with our children.

If you aren't sure what your why is that's okay but I would encourage you to put some thought into it and hone in on your why. When you connect with your why you can empower your training. Those tough runs where you don't think you can finish you can remember why you're doing this. That's a really  powerful way to keep you running and pushing forward.

If you know your why I'd encourage you to say it to yourself before each run or workout that you do. Remind yourself why you're doing this. Why you're giving up sleep to lace up and run in the dark. Why you're at the gym at 9pm after the kids go to bed. Connecting with your why can help keep you going.

It's not enough to just know your why, you need to also connect with your why to keep moving forward.

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