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BENEATH is my quarterly journal that will publish in all four seasons - I am choosing the word journal rather than newsletter intentionally. As I studied the meaning of journal, "a record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary " this felt right in that it would be very personal. Like you, I have been homebound beginning in March until now, continuing forward, dodging and weaving, always creating.
I have experienced both sadness and also much joy appreciating what is right in front of me each day. This is a time for me to really dig into my landscape design, the depth of my home garden and and also more fully my painting studio explorations. For this I am extremely grateful.
In this Summer journal I am excited to share some new developments and happenings surrounding my artwork, exhibitions, and travel.
So here goes, I hope you enjoy the creative journey with me...Onward



The website has been updated with changes in all the sections from PAINTINGS to HAPPENINGS to Gallery Representation within ENQUIRIES.

Take a moment to look in each category for the latest information regarding my Art.



I post current imagery from my garden and art studio here


2019 - 2020
Big Sur, California

There is currently a selection of my paintings on exhibition at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California. I will be updating the exhibit in the coming months with curator Lisa Coscino. For years, Post Ranch Inn has been dedicated to finding and featuring original art from all over the world. This is evident by their Mercantile which houses an art gallery, exhibiting a diverse collection of works by invitation only.

I am grateful my art is included in these renowned architectural spaces surrounded with the natural beauty of Big Sur.

My paintings will continue to be shown through 2020 and into 2021, so be sure to stop by for a viewing while enjoying Big Sur.


July 2020
Los Gatos, California

Suzanne Smedt and I met at my solo show at NUMU this past year, thankfully this meeting led to her representation of my art in her gallery at the southern edge of the San Francisco Bay Area

Whitney Modern is a Contemporary Fine Art Gallery located in the historic Templeman building (1921) in the heart of downtown Los Gatos, California.


September 2019 - February 2020
Los Gatos, California

My solo show at NUMU beginning in 2019 was a wonderful experience. The curating and meticulous attention to detail was beyond my expectations – The exhibition revealed the unfolding layers and practices that inspire me to create meaningful landscapes and the connections that translate to my work on canvas.

In this process NUMU acquired one of my paintings for their permanent collection MARITIMA 2

I am indebted to the NUMU team, I will not forget the time we spent together at my studio, walking in my garden, followed by special moments within your jewel of a regional museum - Forever grateful


Fall 2019 was spent in New York and Spain
I devoured New York inside and out - Dia Beacon, Noguchi museum, Storm King, and then I headed off to Andalucia and Barcelona for a few weeks with friends -
In my mind the next journey will be Scandinavia.

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