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July 2022

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Writerly News:

 The Wishes of Sisters and Strangers is the third book in the Becoming America’s Stories series. Presently, the manuscript is getting the once-twice-three times look over at Red Penguin Books. Penny Weber, illustrator extraordinaire, is putting the final brush strokes on the cover art. Cover reveal madness is imminent. 

Speaking of Penny Weber, she and book designer Sunny Duran of Purple Butterfly Press have shared initial Famous Seaweed Soup sketches with me. I cried. I know everyone will be so pleased. 

Have you seen my latest video? Don’t worry, there is no singing or dancing. I made an Instagram Reel about the characters in the Becoming America’s Stories series. The first video introduces readers and followers to Lily and her family. Check it out.

Stay tuned for more character and setting videos. 

Catching Up

Don’t worry if you missed any of June’s Stories Served Around The Table blog posts, because I got them right here:

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Readers' Corner

I love to read, don’t you? Writers are readers first. It is important to share book reviews so that fellow readers may find their next great read. Presently, my TBR list contains children’s picture books to middle grade and YA novels. I am also reading short story collections and women’s fiction.

Wei To Go by Lee Y Miao

This is a delightful middle-grade novel featuring a sister-brother team. It was refreshing to see Asian-American children portrayed and learning about their rich culture without the stereotypes. Readers learn too as Ellie and her brother scheme, explore, and problem solve their way through Hong Kong to help their dad’s company survive a corporate takeover. The characters had clear strengths, flaws, and motives. The bickering banter, compromising cooperation, and deep friendship between the siblings felt genuine and the setting descriptions were vivid. I felt I was in the busy Hong Kong city. I was, however, distracted by the enormous expectations Ellie was tackling. It did not seem like a realistic storyline, but the characters were so likable and the journey was fun. Congratulations Lee Miao!

Where Can You Find Me?

Now that summer has officially arrived, I filled my calendar with sailing, boating, and beach-bumming.

At this time, I do not have firm upcoming bookish event dates.

You will know as soon as I know.  

If you are a teacher, librarian, or PTO chairperson searching for engaging and fun Meet the Author programs, PLEASE email me at

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