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Good news.

The Translocator audiobook is on track for a January 2019 release. For that special occasion, I'm going to be giving away a brand new Translocator short story to give to everyone who buys the audiobook.

But I need your help.

If you have Facebook, can you do me a favor and vote in this poll to help me choose whether to write the new story from Eliana's or Amon's point of view? That would be super helpful. Just two days left on the poll, so don't delay!

I also need to build up more reviews on the box set. If you've read the Translocator series, please leave a short review on Amazon!


OK, enough book launch stuff. Now it's time for some adventurous sci-fi thrills.

This week's book is Flicker by Rebecca Rode.


Ember lives two very different lives. By day she’s a mysterious Roma future-teller, and by night she struggles to care for her sick father. All she wants is the power to control her own life–no arranged marriage, no more poverty. Her future-reading talent is what will get her there.

But when the empire discovers her gift, Ember’s life changes forever.

Check out Flicker now!

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