Happy Friday,

Today's email is an update in three parts.


Firstly, the new series that I've been working on is called The Gunn Files, and I've officially broken ground on the third book. I have 10,000 words under my belt and am going full speed now. This is my favorite stage of the writing process in many ways, and I'm eager to get to my keyboard each morning.

Barring any hiccups, the first draft will be done in early November, and then I can start making preparation for the launch of the series as I edit the first three books together.

I've also started preparing for the upcoming Translocator audiobook launch (date pending). I'm looking for people to connect to who can help me promote a science fiction audiobook. If you know anyone, whether that's an audio reviewer or a podcast I should be on, I'd love to hear it.


This week's science fiction novel features shifters in space. If you like your fantasy mixed up with your sci-fi, you'll love Lethal Cargo, the first in a new series by Felix R. Savage.

One maverick crew against the Cluster's deadliest criminal organization...

Mike Starrunner, captain of an independent space freighter, is no stranger to trouble. But things get hotter than he bargained for when he lands on a planet occupied by Travellers. These grisly space pirates have a reputation so dire, even aliens won’t mess with them.

But even aliens aren't as badass as Shifters.

Check it out here.


Finally, I was absolutely taken this week when SpaceX announced their first commercial passenger! The BFR (Big F***ing Rocket) will be transporting a Japanese billionaire and eight artists around the moon and back in 2023.

Read my thoughts on this landmark space travel event. There, you can also watch the full announcement from Elon Musk and Yusaku Maezawa themselves (it's a YouTube video), and see the planned trajectory of the journey.

Now it's back to work for this keyboard jockey.

Until next week,

- MG Herron

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped me stress test the new book page last week! It seems to be working as designed :) Which is always a good thing.

P.P.S. Looking to discover some new authors? Check out this BookFunnel promo, Girls Kick Ass, which has a bunch of adventurous SFF featuring female protagonists who could choke you out in 3.2 seconds flat.

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