Good for relaxing soaking bath

A corner tub is a type of bathtub, that is shaped or designed to fit in your bathroom corner. Whether you have small or large bathroom, a corner bathtub will utilize your bathroom floor space fully.

It will save a lot of space meanwhile adding spa and soaking satisfaction. In addition, it will improve your bathroom’s look and style thousands fold. Corner bathtubs perfectly fit with spacious or tiny or straight or angled sized bathrooms.

In other words, it will fit with all sized bathroom while maximizing its stylish look and overall appeal. Usually, corner bath tubs have triangular or pentagonal shape however other shapes and designs are also available.

Pros and Cons

Before making the decision of buying you should know about the pros and cons of corner tubs. For instance, it has both pros and cons like all other types of bathtub. So, you should learn about its advantages and disadvantages before choosing this tub.


  • Corner tub will free your bathroom space. So, you can arrange everything in your bathroom perfectly and enough space in the center will be available.
  • It uses less space comparing other freestanding tubs. This tub may be bigger but after setting in the corner it will take less space.
  • Dead or angled space will be fully utilized.
  • Usually frees more deck space than others.
  • You can choose from a lot designs, styles, shapes and sizes.
  • This tub will visually improve your bathrooms looks and conventional design.
  • It will free enough space to set a separate shower in your bathroom.
  • Good for relaxing soaking bath.
  • Whirlpool corner bathtubs has dual massage and chromatherapy systems.


  • Cleaning the corner sides is difficult after installing the tub.
  • Sometimes the overall size is more than enough for your bathroom.
  • Entering and exiting can be difficult based on different sizes and shapes.
  • These tubs are often expensive comparing other regular acrylic bathtub.
  • This isn’t a walk-in tub, so physically challenged people can have difficulty using this tub.

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