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"Learning English Can Prompt Confusion and Stress"

Watch this video and relieve your stress by seeing how wonderfully strange is the English language.

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4. Parenting Without Stress

Remember that in relationships with your children—regardless of age—not losing is more important than winning. As long as a person has a choice, that person does not lose. So, always offer choices or options—regardless of how small they may be. This is the easiest approach to avoid counterwill, the natural human tendency to resist coercion and the feeling of being controlled, which everyone resents.

5. Discipline Without Stress

"Would it be appropriate for a teacher to call a 4-year-old child a bully and say that they are acting like a bully when they won't sit still and sit down for their quiet time?"

Never! We ALWAYS refer to the levelnever to the person. This level is "bullying" or bothering—NEVER "bully." The verbal ending is used to ensure no one is ever called a "bully."

More importantly, the approach is for the youngster to identify the level—not the adult, e.g., "Robert, what level is it when you. . . ?"

Also, this example is a situation where the teacher must teach and practice the procedure enough times to have it become a habit for students.

(As an aside, Richard Duhigg's book, "The Power of Habit," is an excellent read on the topic of habits.)

See the Hierarchy of Social Development Poem.

6. Living Without Stress

The following is an excerpt from
Chapter 1, "Assumptions" of
Live Without Stress: How to enjoy the Journey

Let’s say that you are told in the morning that you will have a meeting with your supervisor in the afternoon. You can assume the meeting will be either discouraging or encouraging. If you assume you will be discouraged after

the meeting, and you are not, you will have fretted for nothing. In the opposite scenario, if you believe the meeting will bring you good news and it does not, you will be disappointed. Anxiety and other stress-inducing emotions can be avoided if you do not assume what the meeting will be about. But how do you not think of the forthcoming meeting?

The quickest way is to redirect your thoughts; emotions always follow cognition. In simple terms, redirect your thinking and the emotion follows. For example, picture yourself walking out of the room after the meeting wearing a big smile. Your stress or anxiety will immediately dissipate.

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7. Discipline Online Learning

Discipline Online is the only eLearning course that shows how to handle every discipline/behavior problem. You can view any of the 54 modules at any time 24/7 as long as you like because there is no expiration date.

Originally developed to eliminate the "sink or swim" approach to teaching, the program is effective in any behavioral situation.

Modules include:

  • Classroom management to make instruction efficient,
  • Three universal practices to reduce stress and increase effectiveness,
  • The only totally noncoercive but never permissive discipline system, and
  • Using internal motivation to increase academic performance.

If you are a classroom teacher, you joined the only profession that does NOT teach the most essential skill for success, namely, walking into a classroom for the first time as a new teacher and having a SYSTEM to handle every behavior or discipline problem. Learn how at an incredibly low investment in this online course.

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8. What People Say

I didn't unsubscribe from the newsletter. I have changed my e-mail address. In fact, this is one of my favorite newsletters to improve my teaching and my relationships. I bought the book.

—Oscar Y Mariien Malan Schnyder, Uruguay

9. Charity for U.S. Schools

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11. Investment for Schools

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12. is where more information is available—including blogs; stress management video tips; and topics on living, parenting, and teaching. You will learn how to ALWAYS stay in authority WITHOUT using bribes to control, threats, imposed punishments or any other coercive or EXTERNAL motivational approach.

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