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Welcome to the daily rebel newsletter, where we will update you on the details of each day of this Rebellion. History is in the making right now!

We need feet on the ground; if you can get to London or organise actions in your home town then don't wait, act now! If you can't attend in person, please support us online: follow us on social media, share actions and spread the message.

See our full list of events and actions here during the 10 day Rebellion. Some are subject to change, but this document will be updated live so you will always be up-to-date with the latest plans.


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Info. for Day Two

Meet at Shepherd's Bush tube station for 10.30am tomorrow! For those camping we'll be leaving at 9.30am. See Facebook event

Credit: @dulcierd

Day One: March for animal justice. What an epic day!

Animal Rebellion marched from Smithfield Meat Market to the Houses of Parliament, taking the climate and animal emergency to the doors of the British Government in order to highlight the devastating role animal agriculture plays in these. 

Smithfield is symbolic as Animal Rebellion occupied it for 24hrs last year. It is also one of the largest meat markets of its kind in Europe and many, many dead animals pass through its gates every day. The smell of death and blood is potent.

Credit: @brendoslife

We certainly sent the message to the Government that we are here and we mean business. The compassion and energy in the crowd was unwavering, with a constant buzz of chants, songs and cheers. 

We marched from Smithfield after hearing moving speeches from Jay Wilde, from the bafta award winning documentary 73 Cows, and others. The march to Parliament Square was made even more lively with a mass die-in at Trafalgar Square and a giant banner drop off the side of Waterloo Bridge stating "Unfuck the world - Plant based food system".

Credit: @mikeypdodd

Our rebels were met by a heavy police presence at Parliament Square, but spirits remained high with the rhythm of the samba bands and delicious food.

Animal Rebellion joined up with Extinction Rebellion and occupied the roads around the Square. The police moved in and many arrests were made. It's clear to say that Day One was a success, but it is only the beginning of this 10 day rebellion - We Want to Live!

Join us tomorrow!

Meet at Shepherd's Bush tube station for 10.30am tomorrow! For those camping we'll be leaving at 9.30am.


Animal Rebellion is run by a team of volunteers and we need your help. We're looking for rebels who can give their time and energy towards helping us achieve our goals. If you don't have spare time right now you may be able to help our fundraiser - all donations will be matched by donors!

Donate to fuel the Rebellion

Credit: @nat.ography_

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