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Have you been enjoying the March Fusion 360 update?

This update brought significant enhancements to the 3D Sketch feature. In short, the 3D Sketch is now used in a similar manner to competing products, such as Solidworks.

You've probably also heard the buzz about the 3D printing "slicer" built right into Fusion 360's Manufacture workspace. I'll have a step-by-step tutorial for that very soon.

3D Sketch Introduction
Example table frame built with 3D Sketching

Many hobbyists wonder when they should use 3D sketching over the traditional 2D sketch methods.

Over the weekend I added a new page to my website - Introduction to 3D Sketching in Fusion 360.

This page will give you a brief overview of the differences between 2D and 3D Sketching. Also, some examples of when you should use a 3D Sketch.

I've also included a written tutorial to demo the 3D sketching of the "C" shaped table frame pictured above.

View 3D Sketching Introduction
Your Questions Answered
Make sure
Why Doesn’t Fusion 360 Look Directly at the Sketch?

There are two reasons your view may not be reorienting upon creating a new sketch.

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View list of sketch constraints used in Fusion 360 model
Can I View a List of the Sketch Constraints in My Model?

What most Fusion 360 users’ don’t know is that such a feature exists on the web-based version of Fusion 360.

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Keep your eyes out for these upcoming YouTube videos: 3D Sketching and Slicing Models in Fusion 360.

Kevin Kennedy :)

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