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Send Holiday Cards to Our Vets in Hospice Care!

Mission 46!

Your Next Mission:

Some of you may recall Operation Holiday salute from last year - well you all did such an AMAZING job that Veteran's Last Patrol decided to make this annual effort! 

Teachers, managers, families, coaches, associations, companies...this is a GREAT group project.  There are veterans who are in hospice care confined due to social distancing that could use extra love this holiday season. Please take an hour or so out of your day to write to them.  

Create your own cards, buy a batch of cards, send postcards...they will love it all!  You can also use the very same cards that I used during my 50 state journey

Here is all the information you will need to participate: 

Patriotic citizens from around the country will join us in bringing some holiday cheer to America’s veterans in hospice care. Last year we received over 4000 cards from Americans that we then delivered to veterans in nursing homes and hospices. The response was amazing. It was a beautiful thing to see the “WOW” in their eyes. 

This year we again wish to receive cards and small gifts from grateful patriots, folks with a family military connection, children, clubs, schools, and other organizations that would like to help us express gratitude one final time during the holiday season to those who have served in our Armed Forces.

We're motivated to deliver as many Christmas & Holiday Greeting Cards to veterans in hospice care around the country as we can.

To support us please mail your cards to:

Veteran Last Patrol
140B Venture Blvd
Spartanburg, SC, 29306

The salutation on the card itself should be: “Dear Veteran” or “Dear Hero”

If you're sending more than one card, just put them in one package and send all together. No need for individual stamps on each card. 

We would like to receive all cards not later than DEC 7th.

Learn more about Veteran's Last Patrol's year-round efforts here.

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There are lots of laughs and meaningful moments. Watch live on Facebook, or Youtube. Below is our most recent show.

Mission Feedback
Emails from people YOU have touched:

A very special thank you to all who took the time to participate in mission 45! 

Korean War Vet William Hobbs had a GREAT 87th Birthday. Below is a photo of him. There were some delays with the UPS so he got a bunch more after his birthday! As his son-in-law said, it was the birthday that kept giving! 

Veteran Robert Mintz is also doing well - he has moved to a new rehab facility, and appreciates the outpouring of well wishes and prayers from all of you! 

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