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Below you'll find the keywords we've chosen to share this month along with related questions, prepositions and, at the bottom, additional findings from the following topics: 

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Software & Technology
  • Startups & Entrepreneurship

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Marketing & Advertising

Influencer marketing hub (6,600)

  1. Influencer marketing hub for tiktok
  2. Influencer marketing hub how to spot
  3. What is influencer marketing hub?

Instagram checkout (1,000)

  1. What brands are currently available through Instagram checkout?
  2. Should I use Instagram checkout?

Community building (3,600)

  1. Why community building is important
  2. What is the best CRM for online community building?
  3. Should we stop networking and start building a community?

Rank Math (720)

  1. Rank Math vs Yoast
  2. Rank Math SEO
  3. Rank Math tutorial

Podcast show notes (320)

  1. Podcast show notes software
  2. How to make podcast show notes
  3. Podcast show notes template PDF


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Software & Technology

Core web vitals (0)

  1. Core web vitals test
  2. Will CWV (Core Web Vitals) be the primary factor for organic traffic?
  3. What will be the future of Backlinks after Google core web vitals update?

Glimpses (18,100)

  1. Glimpses app
  2. Glimpses journal

Google Meet (40,500)

  1. Google Meet recording
  2. Why Google Meet?
  3. Google Meet vs Zoom

Best free tax software 2020 (0)

  1. What is the best tax software 2020?
  2. Best tax software for self employed
  3. What is the best free accounting software?

Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) Technology (0)

  1. What is TaaS technology?
  2. What is TaaS transportation as a service?
  3. TaaS technoloy 2020
Startups & Entreprenuership

Micro entrepreneurship (320)

  1. What is micro entrepreneurship?
  2. Micro entrepreneurship PDF
  3. Micro entrepreneurship ideas

Virtual leadership (170)

  1. What is virtual leadership?
  2. VIrtual leadership training
  3. Virtual leadership articles

Insider threat (2,400)

  1. Insider threat indicators
  2. How to detect insider threats
  3. Types of insider threats

14 leadership principles (480)

  1. What are Amazon's 14 leadership principles?
  2. 14 leadership principles that drive Amazon


  • See additional findings below
Additional Thoughts/Findings

1. 'Monomass' is a term coined by Dazed Media to describe the era we live in, one where "hyper-individualism and mass trends sit side-by-side within the very same person". The report they ran gets into the details of how targeting such audiences works and how you can overcome the challenges of appealing to them.

2. With marketers always looking for new ways to retain customers, they've finally realized the importance of 'community building' as a core pillar to marketing instead of just another strategy to test out.

3. Google 'Core Web Vitals' is a relatively new term that's deemed to be the next major ranking factor. These refer to the particular elements Google deems important when it comes to a website's user experience. Read more here: https://web.dev/vitals/ and https://support.google.com/web...

4. The 'Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS)' term is finally going mainstream over its original version: Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).

5. Continuing last month's trends towards improving one's leadership skills we're now looking at high interest for 'virtual leadership' and 'Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles' as well as new communities like HerBusiness.

6. Are we seeing a shift from Zoom to Google Meet? The increase in searches for the 'Google Meet' term, as well as 'Google Meet vs Zoom' would imply that people are looking at it as a viable alternative for their virtual meetings. Perhaps this has been in response to increased lockdown measures during the second wave of coronavirus that many countries are experiencing. 

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