Melville Residents' Association

Dear Melville Community,

As per the post on our website, two intentions to apply for liquor licenses were advertised for February 2021; these were for a restaurant license and a special online liquor store license.

At the time, despite communicating with the Gauteng Liquor Board, they were unable to provide the liquor applications due to Covid exposure at their offices.

We have managed to obtain copies this week and are in the process of working through the applications and setting up meetings with the applicants.

Karoke Kong on 7th Street


Vinosit at 27 Boxes. This is the on-line sale of liquor application for a shop at 27 Boxes - a problem is that the town planning scheme does not allow for the sale of liquor from this erf. Despite this - the GLB has already granted numerous licences here.


    We will in due course post a copy of our draft objection for your information.

    You are welcome to contact the MRA Liquor Portfolio via email at should you require more information.

    Keep well,

    MRA Executive Committee
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