Cloudera : CCA131 Hadoop Admin Certification...

CCA131 : Cloudera CDH Hadoop Administration

Cloudera CCA131 : Hadoop Admin 44 Practice Scenario

44 Solved Scenarios for CCA131  & Complementary Videos

As part of HadoopExam Continuous effort and your believe in us, we have created a new product to help you become a Cloudera CDH Hadoop Administrator, which is focused on CDH platform. In this we are having in total 44 Solved Problem Scenarios (Few more will be added soon). You will also get Complimentary videos , where you will learn how to setup 4 node cluster the same way, you can create 1000 node cluster.  Also you will learn following, once you complete all 44 tasks.

  • Basic OS setup for  Hadoop Cluster
  • Create MultiNode Cluster
  • Installation and Configuration of Various Services
  • Troubleshooting failed Jobs
  • Setup security components 
  • Configuring HA for NameNode, HiveServer and ResourceManager

.... Much More

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