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I have a personal triumph to share with you today... This month, I completed my one thousandth bike mile of this season! I used to be a distance runner, but when my knees started complaining, I traded my running shoes in for a mountain bike. For seven summers in a row, I've ridden at least 1000 miles. This year, since I finished so early, I'm going to try for 1600 before snow flies—100 more than my longest distance. I'll keep you posted!

On the flip side of success, I have to confess a goal I have NOT been able to meet. Last Christmas, I began researching and fleshing out a new historical fiction series, which I began writing in earnest in March. I had hoped to finish the first book by autumn, but alas, I restarted the book THREE TIMES, discarding over 50K words before it finally started coming together early in the summer. I reached 73K by mid-July, when the dreaded burn-out began to set in. So I've packed it away temporarily and concentrated on enjoying the summer holiday with my kids, all three of whom still live at home. They started school last week, so I'm digging in again, but there's no way I can meet that original goal. But I AM ready to lift the veil on this new trilogy! Here's a teaser and a very rough mock-up image. I'll definitely be finding a more era-authentic lady, but this gives you the flavor.

Where Angels Weep

Not Columbine. Not Paducah. Not Sandy Hook. The worst school disaster in American history took place in a small rural community in Bath, Michigan at the end of the Roaring 20’s. Obscured two days later by Charles Lindberg’s flight across the Atlantic, the world quickly forgot the small town tragedy. But there are those who still remember. There are those who still weep.

I live only an hour from Bath, but I had never heard of this tragedy until I was 36 years old. A double calamity, I think, that it has been so completely forgotten. I've wanted to write about it ever since, but I knew I would need some seasoning as an author before I'd be ready to tackle it. Ten years later, I'm taking it on, and it's been TOUGH! My version will be historical fiction (my featured family is fictional, as many, many original families still live in Bath and I don't want to presume to use any of them as main characters), but the facts will all be authentic. If you're curious, here's a Wikipedia article about the incident.

Because this bombing is so relevant to the horrendous shootings that happen today, I've been encouraged on several fronts to complete the entire series and submit it to traditional publishers as a single 270K volume instead of self-publishing it as a trilogy. I'm seriously contemplating that. If I do go that route, I hope to have it ready to send out to publishers next spring/summer. Otherwise I'll release each book as I finish. We'll see if I have the patience to wait; historical fiction is already such a slow write. Again, I'll keep you posted. (Or you can follow me on Amazon, BookBub, or subscribe to my New Release List below to automatically get release notification, even if you unsubscribe to this list at some point.)

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