Movies, Louisiana seafood, and good books


Hey, Hey, Hey!

Well, June was fun, but it's over. Heat and pouring rain hit us down here for July. In other words, life per usual here in "Da Boot" (Louisiana is shaped like a boot, in case that confused you!).

I finished my next book. Lemme tell ya, it was a hard slog. I'm convinced that Netflix, Britbox, Acorn, and PBS plotted to make me go AWOL from writing. My neighbors didn't help. The older lady next door for some reason keeps dropping by to give me Bible-based poems and short essays. Sheesh, I must have "sinner" written all over me. I managed to soldier on to "The End"!

How's your summer going? Keep reading to get the deets on some good June stuff.

Librarians Are Good People

Attending the American Library Association convention in New Orleans last month was delightful. What a cheerful, welcoming bunch of people. Even in the long, long line to hear Michelle Obama everyone was in a good mood. And you know how folks hate to wait! 

Mrs. Obama talked about the challenges of life in the White House and her new memoir Becoming, which will be released in November 2018. I was thrilled to see her in person. The energy from the crowd made it even more exciting. 

Viola Davis is the only Black actress who has won an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony award. She deserves them all, too. She's written a children's book that will be released in the fall. Totally enjoy her interview.

Look out for their books for yourself or to give as holiday gifts. 

Acme Oyster House - A Review

When I went to see Mrs. Obama speak, I stayed overnight in Metairie (met-ah-ree) which is a smaller city next to New Orleans. I ate dinner at Acme Oyster House. R&B, zydeco, and blues thumping over the sound system. Seriously good seafood coming out on platters. No wonder the parking lot stayed full. I had a combo plate of catfish and shrimp. Now I don't regularly eat fried food. But I couldn't resist. And I was on a break from the writing grind, so... 

The people next to me had chargrilled oysters. I tried not to stare while I waited for my order. 

If you like a laid-back atmosphere and delicious fresh seafood, I recommend Acme Oyster House. There's a French Quarter location in case you head to New Orleans for a visit.

Summer Reading Goodness

They bought her body, not her silence. A desperate stripper. A secluded manor owned by three billionaires. And a savage evil sheltered deep within its luxurious walls. When Pearl accepts a 100,000 dollar paycheck to work as a Fox at a members-only gentleman's club, she's excited to start. In thirty days, she'd be debt free with enough money to begin a new life. But on arrival, her possessions and identity are unexpectedly stripped and she's denied contact with the outside world. Pearl discovers that Foxes often disappear once their contracts have expired. The arrival of an undercover cop only serves to prove that nothing is as it seems at the Fox pit. Can Pearl escape the treacherous manor in time, or has this evil ground already claimed its next victim?

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Last Word - I'm Watching You

Yes, I mostly kept working on my book. I did take a break to watch a few movies and streaming series. Here are short reviews. 

Breaking In starring Gabrielle Union

 I actually got out of the house and went to the theater! Yeah, shocking I know. I have to say I went out of curiosity. Gabrielle Union just didn't strike me as the action hero type. She takes her two kids to prepare her murdered father's house for sale. He had criminal ties. Three dangerous ex-cons break in looking for daddy's stash of hidden loot. They seriously underestimate a mother's determination to protect her kids. I really enjoyed myself. Admittedly it's not a classic, but it's a fun "grip-the-arms-on-your-seat kind of experience IMO. Take it for what it is and don't expect too much.

Belonging (2004)

Brenda Blethyn stars in this wonderful drama about a woman trying to put the pieces of her life back together after the rug is pulled out from under her. I'm a thriller/suspense/mystery addict. The reason I watched is Brenda Blethyn and Kevin Whatley (he plays her husband). Ms. Blethyn is brilliant as Vera Stanhope in Vera, an obsessive police detective in Northumberland England. Kevin Whatley played Inspector Lewis in the Brit detective series Morse, and later was the star in the spin-off titled Inspector Lewis (of course). I was curious to see them in non-sleuth roles. I really enjoyed this movie. No murder mystery puzzle, world-weary cops, or devious killers. Yeah, surprised the heck outta me.

I also watched Season 4 of How To Get Away With Murder (loved), Season 3 of 3% (let down by the weak ending), and Season 2 of Marcella (awesome) - all on Netflix. Quirke on Britbox is excellent with all kinds of secrets and twists that kept me gasping. 

So, that's it. Well, not all. But I showed admirable restraint, trust me. :) I enjoyed chatting with a few of you and swapping binge-worthy faves. Thanks for writing. Until August, enjoy the rest of July Y'all!