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23rd August 2020

Hello everyone, this week I am delighted to introduce Harry Laventure, a student of this year's summer school, who has been inspired to begin his own Classics podcast - all details below. In addition, following my most recent visit to the Ulster American Folk Park in County Tyrone, I have updated my article about an American emigrant, Hugh Rogan, and how he was the Odysseus of 18th century Ireland. 

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Podcast Recommendation

The Daily Delphi

I am always inspired by the enthusiasm of Summer School students, and none more so than Harry Laventure. Harry is an A level student, who took the Beginners Greek class in July taught by Dr Kerry Phelan. Barely a week after the summer school had concluded, he wrote to tell me that he had been inspired to start his own Classics podcast. 

Harry has very kindly answered some of my questions (see below) about his interest in Classics and how he hopes to take this forward. Please do click the button to listen to his podcast, of which there are already three episodes.

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Harry, what first interested you about classics?

I was given my first book on classical mythology when I was four years old, and instantly fell in love with the fantastical world of Homer and the like, even trying (and definitely failing) to draw some of the creatures depicted. From then onwards, I’ve loved the breadth of the subject: I think the diversity one can find in Classics is second to none, and be it philosophy, literature, language or any other aspect of antiquity, I truly believe there is a place for everyone’s interests.

What A levels are you taking, and what do you hope to study at university?

I am currently studying A Level Mathematics, English Literature, and Classical Civilisation, and it is my full intention to apply for the Classics course at Cambridge (with the preliminary year for languages).

What are your future plans for the podcast?

I will see where it goes, and am eager to have many more guests (with a few already lined up…), but for now I’d like for it to remain an accessible and captivating platform for those who are both classicists and curious alike, in order to promote the subject I adore, and break any potential stereotypes pertaining to its negative associations with class etc., introducing others to the magnificent locus amoenus that is the Ancient World.

Listen to the Daily Delphi podcast

An Ulster-American Odyssey

This is the story of Hugh Rogan, who emigrated from Ireland to America in the mid-1770s.  I first learned about Hugh Rogan on a visit to the Ulster American Folk Park with my daughter and was bowled over by the similarity of the account of Hugh's journey in search of a new life in America and his eventual reunion with his wife Nancy to the story of Odysseus and Penelope. Hugh Rogan's house has been brought brick-by-brick from Tennessee and rebuilt at the Ulster American Folk Park in Co Tyrone, N. Ireland. 

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