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Won CES' Young Innovators To Watch Competition!

After all of our hard work with Hotspot, we were selected as winners of CES' Young Innovators To Watch! We earned the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for CES and present our project and I'm definitely excited for the trip. Shoutout to my teammates Talha and Thayallan for all their great work on Hotspot!

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Visited Google's Toronto Headquarters

I had the opportunity to visit Google's Toronto Headquarters and attend a workshop. It was a great experience where I learned the importance of a growth mindset and how to react to adversity. I also got to meet some cool people who worked there and realized how each person was driven by their passion to create change, not the pursuit of money or anything materialistic. I'll leave you with this question that resonated with me: How are you going to use your education and knowledge to serve the world?

    Organizing The Emerging Tech Conference @ Deloitte!

    On the 14th, I helped lead The Blockchain Society's Emerging Tech Conference! Despite the stress of organizing, the conference was a great experience as I got the opportunity to work with thought leaders in the tech community like Alan Lau, CEO of Wattpad, to bring together Canada's best and brightest

    Built Chatbots On TensorFlow and IBM's Watson

    This month I set out to create my own chatbot and ended up making two: one using Python, TensorFlow, and deep learning, and the other on IBM's Watson. While each achieved the same end goal, it was interesting to see how much more accessible machine learning is becoming. My chatbot built on IBM's Watson required no technical background and I just love there is now a very low barrier to entry when people want to learn about A.I. and ML.

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    Looking Back On The Year

    Leveling up: 2018 was definitely a year of personal growth and learning about what makes me happy. I also learned to be much more grateful for everything and everyone in my life that pushes me forward. I look forward to continuing to grow in the new year and deepening my understanding of the world.

    What's Next?

    Look out for me at CES in January, as well as being on the TKS podcast, discussing my journey to where I am today. I'm also looking to learn more about how A.I. and Blockchain can solve big problems the world faces today, help organize conferences in Berlin, Vancouver, and New York, dive deeper into e-commerce, and build a trading algorithm as I am really interested in finance. So stay tuned for a busy January!

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    Vishanth Thangavelautham

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