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WAHOO! It's new Alpha Obsession time!

Ines Johnson brings us this month's selection with her yummy treat, Moonrise. With some crossed wires and a fake-mate, this one is sure to get you howling!

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New from friends!

Caught in Forbidden: A Werebear Shifter Romance (Alphas & Alchemy: Fierce Mates Book 4)

He carries handcuffs, a HUGE nightstick, and her heart.

Never trust a shifter. That’s what Cordelia’s notorious witch mom always told her. But with malevolent magic in the air, the local shifter pack is pointing their furry fingers in Cordelia’s direction. If she’s going to save her witch skin and stop causing inadvertent tornadoes, Cordelia has to go on the run. First stop? The town of Forbidden.

With a magical fugitive on the loose, it’s up to shifter law enforcement to find her. Bear shifter Matt is on the case, if he doesn’t run her over first. When he cuffs her to his bed, he knows he has to turn her in.

Two problems: she’s naked, and she’s his mate.

Caught in Forbidden is the fourth stand-alone book in the Forbidden Shifters series. Do you love hilarious hijinks, steamy love scenes, and alpha heroes with giant nightsticks? Of course you do. ;) One-click Caught in Forbidden for a suspenseful shifter story you won’t want to put down!


Slay Me: A Dragon Shifter and Curvy Girl Romance (Dragons Love Curves Book 9)

He lost his love a long time ago, but now she's back, and wants to find him a new mate~
Match is the most powerful Warrior of his day, and he's one cranky son of a...dragon.
His true love has been in Hell and doesn't remember him.
Now she's back and wants to find him a new mate so they can save the world?
He'll have to find a way to get her to fall in love with him once again which would be a whole lot easier if the dark forces of evil weren't trying to steal both of their souls.

Read the grand finale in the Dragons Love Curves series today for action adventure, romance, and happy ever afters for curvy girl and their dragon shifters.


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