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Are you also feeling doubtful?

These past few weeks have been craaaazaaay. I know you know. A lot of emotions are stirring within all of us as we continue with social distancing and isolation.

For those of you that have a business, or a side project/hustle, or thinking (now more than ever) to potentially do your own thing, a lot of self-doubts might be popping up.

I spent the better part of a week looking like this. 

Every thought I had consisted of doubting myself. And as I was going through these doubts in my mind, I realized that there was a pattern to them

There were 3 major self-doubts that kept popping up over and over. 

Now, these are connected directly with my website, which is why if you also have an online business or you're trying to build an audience, you'll also relate to them.

But, even if you can't truly identify, you might be feeling these self-doubts in a different context

So what are these 3 self-doubts?

1. I'm too late to the game.
2. I'm a nobody.
3. I feel uncertain.

These might actually be recurring self-doubts that you've already had in other areas of your life. It's easy to get sucked into these because they tug at our deepest fears. 

But, after a long conversation with myself last week, I came up with an antidote for each one of these.


There are two ways to access this information. depending on your preference.


Follow this link to access the full blog post on Limit Breaker's website.

PDF Download

Follow this link to download the new PDF I created around these 3 self-doubts.

If you have other doubts that are racing through your mind right now, I'd love to hear them. Remember that you're not alone, now more than ever. 

As always, I'm here to lend an ear.

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honestroxWhat day is it? 🥴 New extended measures have been announced and we are on standby until April 28th. Longer than any of us expected 🤞 Very grateful that we have a nice home to isolate in and that we can do our part to #savelives 🙌 These days have really made me practice gratitude so much more 🌸 It has lessened my anxiety and my stress and has allowed my brain some space to be somewhat creative. I'll be doing a 3 part video series on how I've been coping with social distancing and how I'm kicking 3 major self doubts in the butt. Stay tuned 😉
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