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January 2019 Update
Paul Teague, Thriller & Sci-Fi Author
All responses entered in a random draw for a $10 Amazon voucher!
What's your view of violence in books?

I can't thank you enough for sending in your answers to my monthly author questions, your responses are so useful to me when I'm plotting my stories.

I've got a really meaty issue for you to get your teeth into this month - how much violence should writers portray in their books? 

Is graphic violence ever justified in a book or should it be left to the imagination?

I'd LOVE to hear you thoughts, I really enjoy reading your email replies.

As ever, by way of thanks for getting involved, I'll select one random email and award a $10 Amazon e-card to the winner.

New Thriller Videos!

While I was out in Spain over Christmas/New Year I shot several videos in locations featured in my book 'Who To Trust'. I've now added this collection to my YouTube channel and you can check them out here - I even give you a tour of the murder scene!

What I'm Writing

I'm working flat out to produce my first Military Sci-Fi trilogy between now and the end of March. The first book is called Incursion and I ordered my covers last week from the excellent artist, Christian Kallias. I'll keep you up-to-date as this project progresses.

What I'm watching ... 

There's some AMAZING TV around these days, and in the past week I've found some absolute sci-fi gems on Netflix. Because I'm writing 3 x sci-fi novels in quick succession between now and end March, I like to 'get in the zone' when I'm writing by watching genre-specific films. If you like a bit of sci-fi, check out these Netflix originals - Spectral, Extinction and Destination IO. With a Netflix film up in the Oscars this year, I think you're going to see them dominating both TV and cinema in the next few years. It's also a great place for authors to get their books on the big - or small - screen.

$10 Amazon Voucher Winner

Congratulations to Mark Mann who was the winner of last month's $10 Amazon gift voucher. In the interests of transparency, I like to place the video of the selection process in these emails. Congratulations Mark and good luck to you if you respond to this month's author question.

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