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Happy Monday β˜€οΈ

Let's take this week one day at a time. It can be easy to get discouraged or stressed about situations outside of our control, and even easier to be hard on ourselves for what's in our control that we feel like we're failing at. But now is not the time to add any additional burden on yourself. Nothing is going to plan right now, you're not alone in that.

Everyone is off their game right now. Every day brings new and unexpected challenges and all you can do is keep going. So let's focus on today and let the rest of the week go for now. One day at a time!

I've got some more great introductions that should help...

Now for the introductions...

⚑ Meet Draftbit - Visually build native mobile apps in your browser

Draftbit is an amazingly powerful yet easy-to-use tool that lets you build native mobile apps (without code) directly in your browser. Just point and click to add elements, and drag and drop to organize everything. It has all of the native functionality you would expect in a mobile app builder, along with a surprisingly delightful set of blocks (more complex components) to help you build whatever you have in mind.

I had been waiting to get access to the beta and I have to say Draftbit did not let me down. It now has a special place in my no-code toolbag because it was the first tool to get one of my developers over their aversion to anything that looked or sounded like "no code". How? Because Draftbit actually lets you export your built into React Native code! This is huge because it means anyone can build your app and then you can still hand it over to a developer to continue to work on it as needed. A game changer for mobile apps.

Check it out and sign up for the beta today!

πŸ‘‹ Meet Max Haining

Max Haining is a no-code maker and the creator of the #100DaysOfNoCode challenge. He's also one of the biggest curators of the no-code space, following and supporting so many other great resources and makers.

I love what Max is doing with the 100 days of no-code, bringing together so many makers and supporting & encouraging them through a major commitment to make every single day another step towards an empowering position as a visual developer. He's got such a positive attitude and he's rallied so many people around him. I love what this is doing for the no-code space.

Make sure to start following Max and get a taste of all of the great products being made as part of his challenge.


πŸš€ Meet Trends - Discover New Markets and Ideas

Trends is a weekly report on the hottest emerging trends in the world, created by Dru Riley. Each week Dru goes deep on a new and exciting trend and covers the problem that existed before the trend began, who the major players are that are leading the trend, and how they're bringing solutions to market. He also includes his own predictions on how the trends will continue and what the outcomes will be.

One thing I love about Trends is how each report includes links to some of the most compelling content around that trend, so you can easily get up to speed in a world you were previously unfamiliar with. It was built using Mailchimp and Wordress, one of the OG no-code tools that started it all. 😎 Check out the link below to get caught up on Trends. In particular I think you'll find Trend #0006 interesting, it's all about the No-Code movement! πŸŽ‰

Jayden Szekely Jayden Szekely
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Michael Gill πŸ’‘πŸš€πŸ’° Michael Gill πŸ’‘πŸš€πŸ’°
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In the last few days you met...

Sunday 3/22:
⚑ Weglot - Make your website multilingual
πŸ‘‹ @realdavidlobo David Lobo
πŸš€ Virtual Confs - 40+ Conferences Streaming Online

Saturday 3/21:
⚑ EasyCSV - Add a spreadsheet importer to your app
πŸ‘‹ @paulinneanne Pauline Quisao
πŸš€ Corona Test - How high is your risk for COVID-19?

Friday 3/20:
⚑ Preview Hunt - Preview and prepare your Product Hunt submission
πŸ‘‹ @iamnirman Nirman Dave
πŸš€ WFH Manual - A collection of work-from-home tips

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I hope you enjoyed this!

I'll be back tomorrow with another set of introductions. If you're getting value out of this newsletter please consider buying me a coffee. β˜•

- Michael Gill


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