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WE ARE SAFE! Thanks to all who have reached out with concern after hearing about the fast-moving #Creekfire on the news. The fire is only about 40 miles away from us. Luckily, that distance includes several ridges and major roads, and while I don’t take that for granted, I do think it would slow down the fire enough to give us time to escape safely.

Still, the air quality is poor and the skies are a very sad and tired gray and the temps are still in the upper 90s. I ache for those brave souls attempting to break the will of this treacherous beast.

WESTERN TRAVELS – PART III – the end of the road.

Our first stop after leaving the Black Hills of South Dakota was: DEVIL’S TOWER. Be still my heart. This was my third visit, but it was no less powerful. I was sorry not to be able to share the Visitor Center with the others because the geologic story of this oddity (it’s NOT volcanic) is almost as interesting as the mythology surrounding it. Here’s a link I found interesting: www.mentalfloss.com/majestic-facts-about-devils-tower

We hiked around the circumference, and then headed west to Buffalo, Wyoming, where we arrived early enough to relax in a pair of KOA rockers while we washed a load of clothes. 

The next day provided some interesting challenges. We woke up to find one of Fred’s tires on his truck was low. A surprisingly speedy repair put us back on the road, but a hundred or so miles later, Paul and I got side-swiped by a big wind. It rocked our awning loose while we were driving 60 MPH. I swear it sounded like someone dropped a live bear on top of our RV. We pulled over to assess the situation. I jumped out to help and the wind blew my skirt up to my chin. (In hindsight, it was an I Love Lucy moment. Luckily, I could jump back into my RV and change into yoga pants, which made helping a lot more practical). We did an immediate about-face so we could try to wind up the awning again. My hubby hero managed to get the awning re-rolled and secured with a rope, then we were on our way to Rock Springs, which was not the most attractive campground of the trip, but it afforded a great jumping off point to the Flaming Gorge.

Wyoming has vistas that just break your heart with the austere beauty and the vastness.

The Flaming Gorge is another place I want to return when I can stay a full week, hire a fishing guide, and cook my catch every night. 🙂

Alas, we had a huge reality check when we hit I-70 and learned there’d been a series of lightening strikes in California and the heavy brown sky in Moab was there to stay. ☹️ Still, we got up early the next day to beat the extreme heat and explore Arches National Park—another must see!!!

Again, I’m sorry my pics don’t do Nature’s work of art justice, but it was wonderful to see.

The trip home was not pleasant. Once we hit California, the gray-brown sky felt like it was pressing down on us. Traffic on Highway 99 was intense and a part of me was tempted to turn around and go east. Sigh. But, it was good to get home, take a breath…and start planning our next trip – on Labor Day. 😉

Happy 9-11 birthday, to my wonderful, amazing daughter, Kelly. Even as we remember this day for events that forever changed our world and our lives, Paul and I celebrate the birth of our firstborn, who changed my life for the better.


Next week: Labor Day camping in the smoke and meet the characters…

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