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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! I can't believe that July is already halfway over. The month of June seriously felt like it was 84 years long, but July is blowing by quickly to me.

Thank you to everyone who responded to last week's newsletter and made the Gemini Longline launch a success! The iridescent fabrics are fully sold out now (fingers crossed we can find more of the fabric!) but the neutral colors are always available, and we will be introducing some fun vibrant cottons soon!

This week, I'd like to share the love and talk about three friends in the corset community who deserve attention right now. They haven't asked me to advertise their stuff (actually most of them don't even know about this!) but let's show them a bit of support. 💖

"Where do your organs go?" "INTO THE VOID."

Kelly, the corsetiere behind Anachronism in Action has made some amazing costumes for the new Star Wars movies and other big productions, but she still sells one-off corset samples, as well as her lovely patterns and small items in her Etsy shop!

I'm a huge fan for all things nerdy, for cosplay, for corsetry, and for inside jokes, so Kelly is basically The Coolest.

She has a pre-sale on now for these hilarious (yet very classy) pins based off an old joke from years ago, wherein when a stranger asks "where do your organs go when you wear a corset?" the tongue-in-cheek answer of circa 2014 was to say "into another dimension" or "into the void". Now that I've ruined the joke, take a look at these sweet pins and the smorgasbord of other items in her shop.

"Into the Void" Corset Galaxy Pins on Etsy
(Rose Gold Everythaaang)

Accessories and Hardware in any imaginable color.

Nikki of Narrowed Visions has perfected creating busks, grommets and other hardware with super strong, super secretive coating in so many different colors and finishes - whether you want a slightly transparent, juicy-looking enamel, or you want a milky-smooth powder coating, or a metallic finish (like the rose gold seen here!), she will have you "covered". She also does special requests (want to send her your spoon busk or other hardware? She does that!)

And for those who don't make their own corsets, she also makes silk-covered suspenders and other accessories so you can have a perfectly-matched ensemble. Anyone who has met or worked with Nikki will also tell you that she is basically the sweetest person in the world, who has a huge heart for helping foster animals and lifting up all the people around her.

Narrowed Visions custom colors on Etsy

Incredibly Affordable, one of a kind Corset samples

You know the joke about crafters and artists, and how they tend to hoard supplies? Well, Jennifer of Wyte Phantom has long been known for her incredibly creative one-off samples where she uses up her lovely fabric stash to make corsets and clears them out to enable buying more fabric. (It's ingenious and win-win!).

I was heartbroken when previous Brexit complications led to her decision to no longer sell internationally, since many of her samples are suited to my proportions. But Jennifer has recently announced that she's selling internationally again, and her prices are seriously jaw-dropping (samples starting at $118 USD!). Jennifer is also a skilled sportsperson and came from a STEM path like me, so she is worthy of awe in general.

Wyte Phantom Corset Samples on Etsy
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