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In this issue:

  • F1 Student News
    • Planning for Spring Q&A Session - Tomorrow!
    • Winter Break Travel - Important Considerations
    • Health Insurance for Spring 2021
    • Winter Shutdown Reminder
  • CIE News
    • Global Connections - College Across the World
    • Cultural Connect - Virtual Escape Room
  • Campus News
    • Digital Backpack Workshops
    • Book a Librarian & Book a TechXpert
    • Bookstore Information
F1 Student News

Planning for Spring 2021

Question and Answer Session
December 3rd, 4:00 pm

Madison College plans to continue offering most classes online in Spring 2021. To date the U.S. government has not announced any new guidance for F-1 student enrollment requirements for Spring 2021. It is our hope that F-1 students will continue to be allowed to enroll in all online classes, but if you have an in-person or hybrid course option that meets a program requirement or personal interest, it may be advisable to build that into your class schedule. We will keep you informed of any changes or announcements from the U.S. government regarding Spring 2021 enrollment as soon as we receive notification and we will work to accommodate your F-1 visa status needs accordingly. 

Come talk with Stephanie Belmas, CIE's Assistant Dean, virtually on December 3rd to ask questions and learn of any updates we may have by that time.

Join here:

Winter Break Travel - Important Considerations

As the end of Fall 2020 quickly approaches, we understand many of you may be considering travel over Winter Break. CIE strongly urges great caution against any travel at this time, both within the U.S. and internationally due to surges in COVID-19 which increase health risks and further spread of the virus. We especially recommend against international travel due to the uncertainties around U.S. Embassy closures and whether the current F-1 visa regulation accommodations will continue in Spring 2021.

Before planning any travel and especially international travel, consider the following and plan ahead accordingly:

  • Is your F-1 visa stamp valid for use upon return? If not, travel abroad is highly discouraged due to U.S. Embassy closures and visa interview back-logs that may result in significant delays and complications with applying for a new visa.
  • Consider arrangements with housing, school supplies and personal items in the case that you are unable to return to the U.S. Bring with you what you would need to continue your studies from abroad, if you are unable to return to the U.S. due to travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, etc.
  • Since the U.S. SEVP has not yet provided regulatory guidance for Spring 2021, we do not yet know if it will be possible to maintain a valid I-20 if studying outside of the U.S. next semester. While we hope this accommodation will continue to be allowed, if it does not, then a new I-20 may need to be issued before returning, which could have an impact on OPT and CPT work authorization eligibility.
  • Carefully review travel and health guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Review Madison College’s COVID-19 Resources webpage
  • Review CIE’s Travel Requirements webpage
Health Insurance for Spring 2021

As the fall semester comes to a close we are preparing for spring. If you are continuing on Madison College's visa support, you will continue to be enrolled in our mandatory health insurance plan and you can expect to see a charge for health insurance in your student account. Find more information about health insurance on our website.

Winter Shutdown Reminder

All Madison College campuses and district buildings will be closed Thursday, December 24th through Sunday, January 3rd for Winter Break. Services will resume on Monday, January 4th. 

CIE News

Global Connections

December 9, 3:00-4:00 pm
College Across the World

Meet with CIE's Intern, Laura, to talk about college in the U.S. and across the world. We will discuss what student life and other aspects of a college experience look like.

More info here

Join the Teams meeting here:

To RSVP, please fill out this Google form:

Join the Chat
Join the Chat
Campus News

Digital Backpack Workshops

To prepare for an increased virtual learning world that begins in November 30, the library will be adding expanded offerings to students to accommodate their schedules and increase options during the pandemic and busy season of holiday celebrations. Find more information about the Digital Backpack Workshops here

Book a Librarian & Book a TechXpert

In addition to expanding the Book a Librarian hours, the library has also created Book-a-TechXpert, devoped solely to student technology issues. Both are free, 30-minute sessions provided 7-days a week, including in the evening.

Bookstore Information

In-Store Hours The bookstore does not have in-store open hours from November 30th until February 1st. We encourage students to order online where you will have the option of delivery or pickup at any campus. 

Textbook Return The deadline for Textbook Return for Fall 2020 is January 5th. Students will be charged a late fee if you return books after the deadline. There are textbook rental return boxes throughout the District. You can see those locations here. Textbooks will no longer be accepted after January 15th and at that time students will be charged the full replacement cost.

Order Processing Orders will be processed as quickly as possible. Spring textbook ordering opens December 7th. Check the Library Blog for key dates and additional information.

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