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2018 Holiday for Hope Show Some Love Teddy Bear Project

"We Make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill

Every activity and every smile is made possible by the generous donations from friends (new and old), from our generous donors Humaniq and Dreams for Kids, our dedicated volunteers and youth leaders who went on all fours in these communities to host and present these activities and gifts with the same love, fun and compassion that brought the project to life in 2010.

Makeni in the Northern Community Amputee Camps.

2018 Holiday For Hope takes us to Makeni in the Northern Community. B-Gifted Volunteers shared books, bags and toys to Sierra Leone kids at one of several amputee camps. The effort is providing hope and giving smiles and love to kids in that community. Thanks to B-Gifted Volunteer and Champion (Archippus Sesay)

In appreciation for gifts, Kids read nursery rhymes. 2018 Holiday For Hope takes us to Makeni in the Northern Community. B-Gifted Volunteers shared books, bags and toys to Sierra Leone kids at one of several amputee camps where the project actually began. The effort is providing hope and giving smiles and love to kids in that community.

Freetown, Kroobay Community, Western Area

Holiday for Hope 2018. Kids received their gifts at Kroobay community in Freetown Sierra Leone where kids lost parents to the Ebola outbreak. Thanks to B-Gifted Youth Leader and Volunteer Alus Kamara. Kudus to all our supporters. Because of your current and past support and donations, we are not alone. We thank you for your love. Peace

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Bo District in Southern Sierra Leone

At B-Gifted , we are agog to see how the 'Show some love' initiative is igniting hope and sharing some love in Bo District in the Southern Part of Sierra Leone. Show Some love Holiday for Hope successfully launched in Southern Bo District at the (Disabled Rights Movement DRIM Community in Bo), where  we casted a little light of love and hope on the path as we go. We are flying the banner high with kids in Sierra Leone as we celebrate Christmas.  In Bo District, Kakua, South of Sierra Leone as we brought Teddies, bags, baby dolls, books, soccer balls, toys for kids

2018 B-GIFTED + Humaniq+ Dreams for Kids, + Our supporters online. Thanks to B-Gifted Community Leader and Focal Person Ahmed Musa Sowa who championed the Bo Program with abundant success.

Kaningo Community, Freetown. Holiday for Hope 2018

Kids in the Kaningo Community in Freetown received, bags, books and soccer balls during the 2018 Holiday for Hope. Mohamed Samba Kamara is seen chatting to kids during the 'Show some love project distribution'.


We ready to shine a little light to kids across the beach side of Salone in 2018. Lakka Show Some Love Holiday for Hope 2018 Just getting Better.

The smile train for the holiday for hope is moving on to the kids at the Lakka Beach community in Freetown to bring smiles, and hope during this Holiday for Hope Season. Join us as we take the journey

Meet the incredible Alus Kamara a Youth Leader and B-Gifted Volunteer who championed 2 communities this year reaching 100 kids. 

For the last of this year's Holiday for Hope 'Show Some Love, Teddy Bear Project, we are bringing you the beautiful faces of not just the children of Lakka Community, but the picturesque sceneries of the Lakka Beach environs. On Christmas day, B-Gifted Youth Leader Alus Kamara, shows how just we can continue to bring smiles and hope to the kids in Sierra Leone through the gesture of gifts that include school bags, toys, baby dolls, Teddy Bear, soccer balls, cameras etc. Our belief is that by sharing, we provide kids with hope that someone does care and that they are not alone in the aftermath of all that happened during the Ebola outbreak, mudslides (flood) and post-war effects. In turn, kids will grow up with a sense of generosity, peace in their hearts and love, and eventually learn from this and 'pass it on'. Like other communities in Sierra Leone, we also wanted to do something to bring a smile to kids dealing with these aftermaths and together with our wonderful youth leaders and volunteers, sponsors we came up with a plan. We used the proceeds raised online from crowdfunding to buy these kids items and had our volunteers go on all fours in their communities to hand out to children in Sierra Leone. To the kids we gave a smile and you brought the radiance of smile back to us and our numerous supporters. Humaniq, Dreams for Kids

B-Gifted we will welcome you again in 2019

"And I was just like these kids. And knowing I can give back that smile and pass it on one kid at a time, I was filled with joy and happiness, and the simple fact that I can help to bring that radiance and a glow, a smile and hope was at once reassuring.
With a generation of young people who have known only challenges and hardship caused by a multiplicity of factors, of war, Ebola, and recent flooding and hardship, I think that these moments of smiles and happiness will help them shed off that heavy burden of grief that they endure. In turn these children will have the nurturing experience of passing on the simple acts of kindness, love and compassion that is also exemplified and got through the warm embrace of a doll.
I hope that through those inspiring youth volunteers and our numerous friends we hope to continue to do that from Baltimore to Freetown to Bunce Island." - Andrew Benson Greene Jr.


B-Gifted foundation will like to thank all our wonderful friends and supporters who have reached out with a great heart to make a huge difference to kids in Sierra Leone during this 'Holiday for Hope Season 2018'. We will love it if we can personally thank you Alena Varlamova, Baltazara Dizon, Elaine Canlas, Igor Baumann, Emily Pumm, Janet Feldman, James Connell, and all our Anonymous donors. Please send us a feedback on ways to reach you if we do not already have your contact. We are also grateful to Humaniq and (Andrey Gidaspov) for the partnership and for their tremendous support in leveraging the potentials for B-Gifted to providing humanitarian and compassionate support during this season. We look forward to on-going partnership. We are also indebted and grateful to our dear friends at Dreams for Kids in Chicago who spurred our efforts with donations over the years and help kick-start a support to our efforts in 2018. Thanks to the moral support of our dear friends at Maryland United for Peace and Justice (MUPJ) for the ongoing encouragement, With peace, light, love and hope. Andrew Benson Greene  Founder at B-Gifted

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B-Gifted Foundation previous Awards and Supporters

  • United Nations International Telecommunication Union (UN -ITU) Geneva 2011 (awards for the project 'Digital Hope' at the Open Innovation Competition in Geneva)
  • Teach a Man to Fish UK, (Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education (For the Project Digital Hope)
  • National Telecommunication Company Sierra Leone (NATCOM) (Exhibition of the project 'Digital hope at the UN ITU Telecom World in Dubai).



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