The fight club.

Here's a crazy 'cast of dozens' style Marvel vs DC fight scene that I pulled off the Internet:

All the big players are there, slugging it out against their opposite numbers. I laugh to see Superman sooo tiny in the background! But, he's going against The Hulk, which makes sense. To draw like this you have to have a gymnast's mind in your head, as well as a fairly comfortable relationship to anatomy...

... but would you believe that artists have been wrestling with this problem of 'action scenes' since the 1500s in Italy?

Take a look at Michelangelo Buonarroti the painter of the Sistine Chapel ceiling (which he did in 4 years!). If you look at the 'supporting character' scenes on the walls of the Chapel from The Bible, you get a great sense that he too thought out how to show the human body in a massive heroic scale:


Building the church.

Supposing this were The Avengers trying to stop a nuclear warhead-armed missile?

Going to heck.

The devils on the bottom, Angels at the top. What you did on Earth determines which way you go in the afterlife. Again, there's comic-book superhero style here all around!

Blow your horns.

The word's out! Judgement Day! Or, could you see these bodies as Rain Forest Indians with blow guns ready to shoot the enemy?

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